Some Sunday

I attended mass in Novena Church in the morning because the mass is in filipino, and also because I want to see the thaipusam hindu festival after. As usual the church was filled of kabayans, I came just in time so I ended up standing just beside the door entrance.

After mass, I headed to the nearby mall for a simple lunch. I don't know what the food name is, and would not bother to ask since the one manning the counter is from China. You have to choice the ingredients on the display counter. A minimum of 7 items is required and instantly it will be cook by putting them in a strainer and dip in boiling water. Then it will be mixed in precooked soup and goes with a cup of rice.

After lunch and while eavesdropping to the conversations of the group of probably csr or pinay nurses sitting next behind me, I took some pictures of outside view just so I can catch their attention. Nobody gave a hint, poor me. After the table cleaner came to pick up my used dish, it's time for me to leave the place.

I took the mrt at the mall basement to Outram station heading to the temple location as guided according to the online street finder. I was lost in translation and nowhere I can find the place and found myself in Chinatown.

Sensing I will not find what I am looking, I acted like a tourist and asked for direction and info on how and where I can locate these Cadavi bearers. Some locals minding stalls in Chinatown area are clueless and don't have idea where is the thaipusam being held, strange because it is being held annually. After few tries and after mentioning the cue word India someone told me to go Little India, and instantly my lightbulb turns on and true enough I have seen the Cavadi bearers along the Serangoon Road. These reminds me of via crucis back home during holy week.

I did not stay long as I can not stand the hot weather , I opted for home. But upon arriving the Woodland mrt station I decided to dropped by Kentucky for an afternoon snack and decided after to catch Benjamin Button. A man who aged backwards and getting younger as he watches those around him growing older. On his remarkable physical quirk, why it never attracts any medical or media attention in the film, just my thoughts.

Some people have stricken by lightning 7 times, some people made buttons, some people came and go, and if only some people have 5 minutes.

Indeed, sunday. Some sunday.


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  2. hi. i'll link you to my blog ha. :) tnx for following me, even in twitter. :) i'm pressured tuloy.

    so these guys in the parade, are they thais? or native singaporeans? looks like the parade drew a lot of spectators.

  3. @ .pOot! - what a nick! thanks for dropping pareho ko oragon lol. sure sigi visit kita permi, keep visiting too.

    @Reena - i'll link you too
    re guys above, they are local hindu Indians on their way to honor their Lord, its not actually a parade but a religious affair. more pics on my other blog.

  4. what a great Sunday you have...i like that movie...Benjamin Button in fact I've written a review about it you can check this out, http://ondiamondmum.blogspot.com/2009/01/curious-case-of-benjamin-button.html

    thanks for visiting my site kabayan :)

  5. Ouch! Mukhang masakit yun! hehe

    Salamat po sa pagdaan sa blog ko.