Goa Gajah Temple in Bali, Indonesia

One of the places I have visited in Bali Indonesia is the Goa Gajah Temple in Bedulu Village in Blahbatuh District about 27 km from Kuta. This is  included  in the itinerary of  the Bali full day tour package I availed while on holiday in Bali Indonesia. Goa Gajah is an archaeological site  but still an active worship place. It is located on a steep valley beside the main road. You have to descend from the stone steps to reach the complex. 

Happiness Truck Philippines

In less than a month, another year…

I wish to have a truck that is converted into like this.


Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi Malaysia

My first foray of working overseas was in Malaysia. I was hired by an international civil and structural consulting firm based in the US with a local office in Kuala Lumpur. My job description is to oversee the site development and eventually the construction of a resort hotel at the heart of a virgin forest 45 minutes from the city of Kuala Lumpur. The project followed the next phase of development where a golf course and clubhouse and residential development has already been in placed.  

Kek Lok Si - The Temple of Supreme Bliss

One of the main tourist attractions in Penang Malaysia is the Temple of Supreme Bliss that sits majestically at the hill of Ayer Itam about 6 kilometers from downtown Georgetown.

Entrance to the temple is a bit complex  as the path that is leading up to the temple is actually alleys of stores selling dry goods and souvenir items. It is quite frustrating because aside from you don't know if you are traversing the right path, the hawkers were quite persistent and noisy offering their goods. You will know that you are on the right track when you reach a murky pond full of turtles, named liberation pond. The Chinese believes that turtles set free in the pond is an act of spiritual liberation.

One afternoon along Manila Bay

Walking along the Manila Bay in the afternoon just before the sun set, will reward you a fascinating view of the famous Manila bay sunset. It never disappoint. 

Right after I arrived Manila from the Corregidor tour, I have my afternoon food intake in one of the restaurant at Harbor Square that have an overlooking view of the Manila bay. Right after  that I walk along  Baywalk  with my Nikon in hand.

I can never get tired spending afternoon here whenever I am in Manila.

Exploring Corregidor Island, Philippines (Part 2)

Gen. McArthur Park and the Lorcha Dock

After the hefty lunch our tour guide brought us to the Bottomside, the lower part of the island. The island has an interesting outline that shaped into a tadpole.  The head rises prominently to a large flat area which coined Topside, the center of activities of the island. The plateau that interrupts the upward slope from Bottomside to Topside is the Middleside.

The Bottomside part of the island was our first stop after having lunch. Gen. Douglas McArthur Park, South Dock, Lorcha Dock, North Dock, Barrio San Jose, Administration building, San Jose Chapel, and the Gen. Wainwright Memorial are all can be found here. At the Lorcha Dock is where Gen McArthur boarded a ship leaving the island to Australia and made a promised "I shall return".  A statue has been erected at the spot where he bid his goodbye and turned into a park named after him. His famous remark is inscribed at the foot of the statue. Another park nearby is the Gen Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial. Constructed in honor of his determined leadership, courage, and resolution to the very end during the war.

Exploring Corregidor Island, Philippines (Part 1)

 One of the under rated tourist attraction in the Philippines is the Corregidor Island tour. According to our tour guide, there are only over a hundred thousand local and foreign tourists who visits the island. This is very minimal I think so because the Corregidor Island has so much to offer to tourist. But I guess because of the monopoly of just one company who provide tour to the island makes it less popular and less accessible to tourists.