Exploring Corregidor Island, Philippines (Part 2)

Gen. McArthur Park and the Lorcha Dock

After the hefty lunch our tour guide brought us to the Bottomside, the lower part of the island. The island has an interesting outline that shaped into a tadpole.  The head rises prominently to a large flat area which coined Topside, the center of activities of the island. The plateau that interrupts the upward slope from Bottomside to Topside is the Middleside.

The Bottomside part of the island was our first stop after having lunch. Gen. Douglas McArthur Park, South Dock, Lorcha Dock, North Dock, Barrio San Jose, Administration building, San Jose Chapel, and the Gen. Wainwright Memorial are all can be found here. At the Lorcha Dock is where Gen McArthur boarded a ship leaving the island to Australia and made a promised "I shall return".  A statue has been erected at the spot where he bid his goodbye and turned into a park named after him. His famous remark is inscribed at the foot of the statue. Another park nearby is the Gen Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial. Constructed in honor of his determined leadership, courage, and resolution to the very end during the war.

Our next stop was the Middleside. The ruins of Middleside Barracks can be found here. A large military barracks comprises of two three-story buildings that used to house personnel of American and Filipino Artillery regiments. After a brief stop, our guide brought us to two of the many gun emplacements scattered throughout the island. The Battery Way was our first stop. The Battery Way was named in honor of 2nd Lieutenant Henry Way. This gun emplacement is capable of lobbing 1000lb deck piercing shell 14,000 yards away in any direction and equipped with anti-personnel firepower. Then we proceed to the Battery Hearn for some photo ops, few from the group climb up on it. This gun emplacement has a maximum range of 29,000 yards and capable of firing in all direction. 

The next stop was at the Tailend. This part of the island is recently added attraction. These are the Statue of the Filipino Woman, the President Manuel Quezon Park, Filipino Heroes Memorial, President Sergio Osmena Park, and the Japanese Garden of Peace.

Our last stop was at the Topside before heading back to North Dock for our departure. The Topside is the highest and the nerve center of the island. In this part of the island are the ruins of Mile-long Barracks, Post Headquarters, Cine Corregidor, and various buildings. Additional newer buildings that can be find here are the Pacific War Memorial, the Eternal Flame of Freedom sculpture, and the Museum. 

South Dock
San Jose Chapel
Gen Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial
Middleside Barracks
The Battery Way 
The Battery Hearn
Statue of the Filipino Woman 
Filipino Heroes Memorial
Japanese Garden of Peace
Mile-long Barracks
World War II Relics in the open ground
Interior of the Cine Corregidor
Eternal Flame of Freedom Sculpture
Kindley Airfield, and the tailend view of the Island
Inside the Pacific War Museum
The island has an impressive paved roads, and the railroad track still evident up to now. The amenities in the island is equally impressive. Some of these are the electric trolley system as public transport, a movie house, a baseball field, and huge swimming complex, and if I am not mistaken it has  also a golf course.

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