While having brunch nearby my worksite, I spotted this place and got curious of these hoisting poles with birdcages. It is located in an open ground adjacent to a forest reserve and landed neighborhood. 

When I came closer that I learned that this is belong to a club who enjoys caging chirping birds. It is a sight to behold from afar. But sitting on a bench close to a forest you begun to take pity of the birds. The forest is so eerily quiet and these birds chirping noisily in the open field inside a cage. 

Ahhh cruelty...

the Fort

I assumed heheh that there are some of you were wondering what I have done on Easter aside from attending the easter service. I did not go swimming like everyone I knew. No one bother to invite me, but then I may not join should they had to since I was not keen of going. While I was riding an mrt that day, I noticed kabayans in groups, others with their kids,  in indication that they were heading to beach.

As the weather that day was not hot but cloudy with patchy drizzle, I decided to commune with nature. I have been eying to get lost in this place for quite some time but somehow it always slipped on my mind.

Fort Canning is not as grandeur as our Fort Santiago in terms of remains. The main entrance gate, arches and the perimeter walls are still intact and the only ones left from the past.

The main gate was aesthetically simple.

This is the location map of the entire fort, now turns into a park.

This is a prayer cabana, a sacred place in the area.

What is a port without a cannon to guard off the place. This is the only spot I had seen having one.

The gothic archway to the graveyard area.

Tombstones some dates back 1521 on the wall still intact. 

This is used to be a military barracks, now functions as a cultural venue. Back of this building, the one shown in the picture, is usually utilize for open ground concerts.

One of the art installation by artist from Asean at one section of the park.

The wall

The fort is an actual archaeological site too, and this particular area became part of attraction.

This outdoor escalator I think is equip with a sensor. It automatically stop when no one is using and will activate once someone approaches. First time I have seen one in a park.

Ahh what is a park if without lovers. I have spotted few in some isolated corners unmindful of others. Nope I did not bother to picture them, as I don't want you salivating, lol. I hope when its time for me with someone, they would do the same for us.


Let's talk about work. My work, for a change.

Ever wonder how tall buildings stands firmly on ground despite of its weight? The foundation is the key. Tall buildings requires deep foundation usually piles if the bearing capacity of soil is inadequate and also to resist  settlement.

Over a week ago we bored and casted below ground a micropile with a depth of 55 meters from the existing ground level, more or less equivalent to an 18-storey height building.

Seven days after we conducted the ultimate load test. This trial pile will be the same type of piles that will support the lift structure that we will build. The purpose of the test is to verify the design assumptions.

The result of test is technically a failure.  What does this mean?

All the proper procedure in doing it has been followed and strictly monitored.

The 7-day test of the cement grout poured has result of 130% more than the required strength at a given age old.

The pile is designed to carry a load of 75 tonnes. and was subjected to an ultimate load in three cycles, 100%, 200%, and 300% of the designed load and a settlement reading is recorded. The readings exceed the maximum allowable limit. This is why. 

Given that result, the design engineer has to redesign the pile, as it can only adopt a load of 35tonnes  or just half of his previous assumption. 

I hope I did not bore you.


I think this is long overdue, so i'll be doing this in one posting. 

I can't recall how we cross our path here. Kath is one of my avid readers and I to her. Her iTravel tackles beautiful places and more. She forwarded me two awards she got from her co-bloggers.

The first one is this Friendly Blogger Award. I don't have idea why she consider me for this award, but maybe the way we exchanged comments  answers that.

Another one is this Smart Blogger Award which caught me off-guard. Why she has forwarded me this? I can't think of reason hehehe, but then again I can't question her observation, so I guess I have to accept this wholeheartedly. 

Thank you Kath, Mabuhay ka!

Engr Sherwin and I share the same profession. Though we meet only here in blogosphere, it seems we know each other. He is very active blogger and I guess he meet a lot of blogkada here but still he consider me as one who inspire him, well who am I to question that.

First one is Uber Amazing Award. Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:

a)inspires you

b) makes you smile and laugh

c)or maybe gives amazing information

d)a great read

e)has an amazing design

f)and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing

I guess one of these fit my blog that's why he forwarded me this. Thanks tol.

Next one is Neno Award which was forwarded to me on Easter. It says the objective of this award is to serve as a dedication to those who love to blog and to encourage friendship.

And this one, Mok's Award. He said this is not a tag but a recognition made by him. This is very unique and I must say I have to treasure this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To end this post, I forward all these awards except the last one to all the bloggers whose blog were listed on my blogroll. As my personal thanks to to all of you I will not ask you to make a post for each one of these awards but feel free to  put these on your blog sidebar, you all deserve these. Once you've done, let me know.


We are now all anticipating for the most important day, the resurrection of our Lord.

While doing so, at the moment I felt I am invigorated after yesterday's reflection. For one, I am feeling normal once again, normal I mean my usual self. 

Earlier today at work though I felt pressured since a member of parliament is scheduled to conduct an ocular inspection in the area of my work, I remained composed. Who would not be pressured, the management has been calling to make the site tidy for the big day tomorrow but the contractor is not doing good enough to have the site in order. It really tested my patience today, which is in complete contrast. Up to the last minute they are still doing housekeeping work. I just hope I would not receive a reprimand  comes tuesday. I was a bit surprised with the attitude I have today.

While I have moved to a bigger room few days ago, it was only now that I am satisfied with the arrangement after few tries. Until I become bored again, this will be my room set up.

I made some changes with the blog as you may notice. Less clutter now. I am planning for some facelift but it will not come soon.

Whatever changes you have as brought by the past days, I hope that is for your better good and last until next.

Happy Easter everyone.

The greatest sacrifice

He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; by His wounds we are hailed.

---Isaiah 53

Bear with me

I am still not in my usual mood. Something is really bothering me. Up to now I don't have idea what it is. My mind is still in hiatus. I am too lazy to move around town. I practically stay home these days. 

I need a diversion, but how I don't have clear idea what should I do. If I were in pinas, maybe it would be different altogether. In two days I shall be then back in the province for the observance of the passion and death of Christ. Easter will be spend in the beach for whole day family picnic. My family won't be complete this year aside from me, our eldest and his family had relocated months ago in a province far away and I doubt if they have intention of coming home for the holy week.

I have only Friday to observe and reflect lent. No fanfare, no crucification to witness, no station of the cross, no visita iglesia. No beach. I will devout the whole day for reflection. Saturday I have work. 

I just hope comes easter, things will be different.


I Am not busy and in fact I have nothing to do these past few days. My mind and body seemed to not functioning since Sunday. I have no idea what was happening to me. I spent the whole day in my room, in bed. In fact I hardly eat that day, I was hungry I know but I did not take solid food. It was only later that afternoon when I decided to cook instant noodle. As I don't like the taste of it, I added beef meat, pichay, garlic, onion, and eggs to better the taste. With slice bread, that served as my food intake for the day. I can't focused on television, I hardly touched my mac, and worst I had no sms received that day. I dragged myself for the six o'clock mass, and while on it I can't focus. I hardly remember what was the gospel and homily. In fact I did not wait for the final blessing as I hurriedly went out.  I heard mass within town and not in the city, and when this is the case I usually pass by the mall to catch movie and or just have dinner. Even that I skipped. I went straight home. I hardly eaten and in fact nothing changed since I woke up that day.

And it was the same the next day, Monday. Something was bothering me but I don't know why. I had difficulty getting up from bed. Coffee, hot shower, and laundry chore hardly made impact in my slobbish state. My usual lunch bought from the hawker center became tasteless and half eaten. I tried to sleep but I just can't. I really don't understand what was happening to me, and the fact that no matter how I tried to freed from it, I just can't. 

So no wonder the next day at work, I was in complete mess. Buti na lang wala masyado activities sa site. But the feeling stayed the same the whole day. In fact at midday I was tempted to file a half day leave, but I knew it was not possible so I ended up dragged the time.

Until today. But now that I can write this, I guess I am going back to my usual self. 

But still clueless what really hit me.

By the way I went to the earth day event in Esplanade Park last Saturday, so that means my room was in complete darkness for four hours that I was away that night, more than enough the earth hour requires.

Got these pictures.