Exploring Kampong Buangkok, Singapore

There is a last rural village standing in Singapore up to now. And last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to explore the place and observed how is a rural village in Singapore look like then. As almost of Singapore land area has been  developed and transformed into a modern city state, this one spot of secret tropical eden has been left behind and kept into its original condition as in the early years of Singapore.

Though it is just a compact village with just over twenty houses, it still  provide a glimpse of how a traditional rural way of living in the early days in Singapore. All one-story houses were owned by a single owner and being rented at a nominal amount to mostly the owner family friends who where living there ever since.

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So this blog is in hiatus once again for over a month now. And no one is asking why. It goes to show that nobody is really reading my blog and those who happens to drop by were only because google direct them to here.

Anyway i am busy with work, and in the past month i was not able to go out on a trip because again due to work. And this will go on until the project completion targeted to be on April next year. Unlike in my previous job assignment, I am on my own here on my present post so i cannot file a short leave even if i am intitled to. So my short holidays will be on hold for now.