Bintan Resorts Gateaway

This month travel happened last November 7, 2010 to Bintan Indonesia. While it is still not far from Singapore being just 55 minutes ferry ride, I still consider it travel. My second time to Bintan, I basically wants to explore the other side of the island. 

Orchard Road Singapore Christmas Light Up 2010

November 20, 2010 marks the beginning of Christmas celebration here in Singapore when the Christmas light up event on Orchard Road were switched on by no less than President S R Nathan.

Exploring Universal Studios Singapore

A friend from the Philippines visited me here in Singapore so I finally got the chance to explore the Universal Studios for the first time and maybe my last for now unless someone invited me for free. And why is that? I believe that to me as an adult the 72 sing dollars is over-charged because most of the exciting rides and attractions were either closed or under maintenance that day.  But it would be different experience for kids and young at hearts which the theme park is for them anyway. 

iLights at the Marina Bay

I felt exhausted upon completion of photo shooting the different installations as scattered around the Marina Bay. I commenced from the Floating platform climbed up the Helix Bridge down to the Marina Sands, then to the City Gallery at the Waterfront Promenade. Though it was a leisurely stroll but still exhausting one. 

There are 26 light artworks, each is accompanied by a signage explaining what the work is about, who the artist, and also what's smart about the work. The works were created by both local and international artists addressing the theme of people, place, and time.

The Fire Walking Festival

I was quite disappointed not to be able to watch the actual fire walking event held at the Sri Mariamman Temple two sundays ago, blame it on procrastination and limited information I have about the event. I came just in time when the ceremony is about to begin, little did I know that it will going to be held in a constrained area inside the temple. I was not able to squeeze inside the temple because it's full of devotees and also quite hesitant to come in as I am an outsider. I know that the fire walking will only commenced after 12 midnight so I roamed around at the Marina Bay area first photo shooting the I Light Marina Bay, a lighting installations scattered within the Marina Bay area. So when I arrived at the Sri Mariamman Temple the ceremony has already started and the temple and the surrounding streets is crowded.But thanks for the live coverage mounted just outside the temple I able able to glimpse the going on inside.