Museum Exhibit: Joseon Korea

Another on-going exhibition at Asian Civilization Museum that I had the opportunity to view is the Joeson Korea – Court Treasures and City Life. During the Singapore Heritage Festival held on May, the museum was open to the public for free.  I took the oppurtunity to check the exhibition as I was intrigued with Korean culture and heritage. I have no idea that Korea was once ruled by a king.

Gardens by the Bay turns 5

Last Saturday I went to Gardens by the Bay to watch the multimedia show at the Supertree Grove area in celebration of the 5th anniversary of Gardens by the Bay.
Upon arriving at the garden, I have notice long fabrics hanging on some of the supertrees so I expected it there will be acrobats that will be swinging and rappelling up and down. As the area near these supertrees were already crowded, I walk further and trying to find a good location so I can have a good view of the show. I thought viewing it at elevated platform will give me a good perspective and can shoot the acrobats at eye level

Lunch at Bonchon

I seldom talk about where I went to eat. But this case is a bit worth talking to. One lunchtime, I tried the food of Bonchon at Compass One mall, Sengkang. Bonchon is a South Korean-based fried chicken restaurant franchise, and what I heard and read, it is quite popular because of the fried chicken they serve. On a first glance from the outside I have mistaken it as a fast food chain, but then I realized there is no counter to order food. It is only then that I realized it is a set down restaurant.