Lunch at Bonchon

I seldom talk about where I went to eat. But this case is a bit worth talking to. One lunchtime, I tried the food of Bonchon at Compass One mall, Sengkang. Bonchon is a South Korean-based fried chicken restaurant franchise, and what I heard and read, it is quite popular because of the fried chicken they serve. On a first glance from the outside I have mistaken it as a fast food chain, but then I realized there is no counter to order food. It is only then that I realized it is a set down restaurant.

I ordered one of the popular in the menu, the boneless chicken. I choice the small serving consist of 10 pieces and soy garlic as the flavour. I added kimchi as I am curious how it taste in Bonchon. I ordered Korean peach juice for drink.

Minutes after the crew taken my order, she came back with the chit. I almost leave the place upon reading the total amount I need to pay for my ordered food. The price on the menu does not add the tax and surprised to see the service charge fee

I was the only customer when I arrived and the food I ordered came almost half an hour later. Not an ideal place to eat when you have only an hour lunch break.

How about the food? There is nothing special about the taste. It is almost the same as the fried chicken in a fast food restaurant. The fried chicken is a bit crispy and dry. I find the food salty, I can only eat 5 pieces and the rest was take-away. The kimchi is slimy and salty too. It taste like it is taken from a bottled kimchi sold in a grocery store. I prefer kimchi that is crunchy sweet.

This is the actual serving size