Exploring S.E.A. Aquarium

One of the attractions in Resorts World Sentosa in Sentosa Island, Singapore is the S.E.A. (South East Asia) Aquarium. Home to over 100,000 marine creatures contained in one huge building. Its main attraction is the humungous viewing panel that by standing in front of it gives you the feeling of being on the ocean floor. It’s quite enormous and overwhelming.
Because I am an Islander, I was able to visit the S.E.A. Aquarium at a discounted rate of SGD 10.00. And here’s my experience of the visit.
The visit to the aquarium is comparable to traveling to an island destination that keep changing ports before reaching to its final destination.

The Port of Entry
Upon entry and presenting the ticket you will pass through a passage of different port installation. It showcased the scenery and activities within jetty ports in different noted ports in Southeast Asia and the world. On display are the people’s way of living, the merchandise and goods that pass and leave the ports. By standing in every installation, imagine yourself observing the going-on while as if you are waiting for boarding time.

Typhoon Theatre
At this area is where you are ready to be boarded the ship. The ship is waiting at the dock. It is a cut section that reveal the interior and what is contained.   The typhoon theatre is a 4D presentation of what will happen to your journey. The ship you will be riding on will encounter a massive typhoon that will wreck the ship. The story goes the ship will be manned by the father and son team who was entrusted by the Emperor to bring the valuable gift to the ruler in the Middle East. Despite of eminent danger the Captain preceded with the voyage. The theatre is constructed as if you are inside the ship and the screen display the ocean. At first is calm and fascinating, then thunderstorm comes and the horizon darkened. The theatre platform moved as the typhoon intensifies until to the point where the ship is wrecked and send to the ocean floor. End of the show and the door opens to the tank where a shipwrecked is displayed.

Shipwreck Habitat
As the ship wrecked, you survived surprisingly under water. This starts your journey to the mammal habitat. The shipwreck habitat contains a sunken ship that becomes home to school of pompano, grouper, threadfin, and batfish. Coming out leads you to a snack bar that serves gelatos and refreshments.

Sharks Seas
While having snack, you will enjoy the company of hammerhead and nurse sharks. There are over a hundred of them peeping at you too. Your viewing with them continues as you enter the glass tube leading to the inner chamber.

Our World

The Ocean Journey
After passing the tube glass hallway and into a large rotunda, the next will be venturing into the inner hallway showcasing different types of marine species at their own habitat.

Notable are the beautiful and colourful live corrals interacting with the equally colourful small fishes.

Open Ocean
The most spectacular experience is when you reach the open ocean area. The massive glass gives you the feeling of right there at the bottom of the sea interacting with the marine creatures. Truly an amazing feeling to be there and watch these group of school of fish swimming aimlessly without having collision.

These sea jelly contained in separate water tanks are a joy to watch too.

There is this part where you will be walking across this floor of glass and watching these marine creatures crawl underneath your feet gives you the feeling of island hopping on a glass bottom boat.

I stay longer time when I was inside the aquarium in the open ocean area. As if I don’t want to leave and wish could stay longer. The open ocean is enough reason that exploring the S.E.A. Aquarium is worth your while.