My Trip to Hong Kong and Macau

Victoria Harbour
Like what I said in the preceding post, I treated myself for four days vacation trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I left Singapore in the afternoon of Saturday and supposed to arrived Hong Kong at around 8 in the evening but because of the airline re-timing, I arrived way past 10 in the evening at the Y-Loft Hotel where I was billeted for the duration of my trip. Because of that I decided to stay in the hotel for the night instead of the initial plan of a night tour at the Central district that include the famous Temple Street night market.

A Birthday Trip to Hong Kong

I have never been out of the country for months now, three months to be exact. So I decided to treat myself a birthday trip. I'll be going to Hong Kong, Macau, and hopefully Shenzhen this weekend. It sounds like a long vacation, but it's not since will cover only four days more or less. I'll be arriving Hong Kong in the evening of Saturday until late afternoon of Wednesday. I am not sure how much I can cover the number of places I want to see and check during these four days but I am pretty sure I can maximize my time. 

I have a hard time finding a hotel to stay in Hong Kong. It was only last night that I finally find one. I didn't realize that hotels in Hong Kong is quite expensive even those nice few budget hotels. Should I have known beforehand that this would be the case, I have had booked a room on the same day I booked the flight. Though I have already found two hotels with reasonable rates, I waited until a week before the departure that I decided  to book a room, so the result was that the rooms that I have selected were no longer available. So I have no recourse but to book an expensive hotel since I don't want to stay in the infamous hostels at Tsim Sha Tsui area. Though the hotel room is pricey but it is located beside a mtr station somewhere in Kowloon area. This is the most expensive hotel so far that i'll be staying. I hope that the room and the service will be proportionate to their rate.

During the trip I want the see the following attractions in Hong Kong; The Peak, Giant Buddha, Noah's Ark, either Ocean Park or DisneyLand, the Avenue of Stars for the Symphony of Lights, temple night market, all in two days! A day in Macau and another day in Shenzhen but it is only I still have time.

This trip is not on my task list this year, but what the heck :).

Exploring Palau Ubin Singapore

Last monday was a national holiday here in Singapore being Labor day falls on a sunday. So I took the opportunity to finally explore Palau Ubin located off the north eastern end part of Singapore. For a background, Palau Ubin is an interesting place to visit and explore since its present condition reflects a typical village in Singapore way back in the 1960's. 

The journey begins at the Changi Ferry Terminal where I took a bumboat for 2.50 sgd. The bumboat is allowed to carry 12 passengers only, if someone carry a bicycle that included in counting for the number of passengers. The boat ride is about 15 minutes. Upon alighting from the boat at the Ubin jetty and walk through towards the island, you will be directed to the island main center. Within the vicinity are shophouses, mostly bicycle rental shops and eating establishments.