Exploring Palau Ubin Singapore

Last monday was a national holiday here in Singapore being Labor day falls on a sunday. So I took the opportunity to finally explore Palau Ubin located off the north eastern end part of Singapore. For a background, Palau Ubin is an interesting place to visit and explore since its present condition reflects a typical village in Singapore way back in the 1960's. 

The journey begins at the Changi Ferry Terminal where I took a bumboat for 2.50 sgd. The bumboat is allowed to carry 12 passengers only, if someone carry a bicycle that included in counting for the number of passengers. The boat ride is about 15 minutes. Upon alighting from the boat at the Ubin jetty and walk through towards the island, you will be directed to the island main center. Within the vicinity are shophouses, mostly bicycle rental shops and eating establishments. 
Exploring Palau Ubin can be done by biking, by van, or if you have the stamina by walking. I rented a bicycle  for 15sgd in one of the shops, and bought a raincoat as it was drizzling that day.  The visitor center no longer give maps so I just decided to just bike along aimlessly. The first route I pedaled was the northern route, which would take me to Chek Jawa Wetlands. Along the way you will be spotting typical village houses, some of these houses sells cold drinks. No cycling is allowed on the Check Jawa boardwalk, so bicycles are to be park at designated parking area near Punai Hut. A 50m  walk will bring you at the Visitor Center at the entrance to the wetlands. Information about the tides schedule can be get here. During my visit it was high tide so the whole wetlands is covered by water. The mangrove and coastal loops boardwalk is 1.10km long with  two shelters strategically located within the boardwalk. Within the vicinity is the steel structure 20-m  Jejawi Tower. The tower offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. Coming back to the town from Chek Jawa via Jalan Maman will passed through abandoned quarry sites which now full of water and resembles into a lagoon or a crater of a volcano. The Maman Beach and campsite is within the route. Arriving at the town center, I took my lunch at Ubin First Stop Restaurant and while waiting for the food I people watched. The open space was so crowded, so as the restaurants. 

After lunch I pedaled again and this time I took the western route. Along this route, I just leisurely bike around. I passed through the Pekan Quarry, Ubin Granite Quarry, the Celestial Resort, Noordin Beach, and the Jelutong campsite. Along this route also past fruit orchards, grasslands, and a view of floating houses. By 3pm I already back to return the bicycle and took a light snack and just relax for half an hour. Then I proceeded to the jetty for the bumboat ride back to Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Arriving home I have achy legs, but I hardly paid attention as all I care was the fun time I had with the trip.

Arriving Palau Ubin

The town center where most of shops is located

People watching while having lunch

The junction that leads to Chek  Jawa, notice a typical house of the island

At the  Punai Hut, the bicycle parking area. No bicycle allowed at the boardwalk

The Info Kiosk where information of the tides level can be obtained.

View from Jejawi Tower

The 1.10km Check Jawa boardwalk. It was high tide when I traversed it.

The bikers admiring an abandoned Quarry site

The water at the quarry turned lagoon appeared to be black due to gloomy weather

Crowd gathering at a junction curious of one biker accident

Floating houses

A temple on the hill

Leaving the island now

View of the houses as seen from the jetty

The bum boat, the only way to leave and arrive at the island

The interior of the boat. It appears that the boat is the living quarters of the boat captain too