Time flies

It’s been a year two days ago that I set forth in this country to accept a job which I have not planned and can't comprehend how exactly I was into it. The employment agency manage to include me for the interview which I can not recall I submit to them any application. When I got a call from them informing me that they scheduled me for a job interview the next day, I was astounded and keep repeatedly asking the caller if she was calling on the right person. She double checked my name and said yes. I was informed that I was one of the shortlisted by the employer and requested me to meet them. I did not bother to ask where is the country of destination and some background since they scheduled it on a Saturday and I have nothing to do anyway. I have to call back the agency when I realized that I don’t have idea where the interview be held. It turned out not in the agency office but in a hotel function room rented specifically for the interview session.

My former office supposed to send me for the project in Macau. The Macau office was processing my work permit and it takes them ages to secure. While waiting for it, then came the Singapore job. Right after the interview, the interviewer informed me that I was selected and given the job offer. I did not immediately accept the offer and politely informed the interviewer that I have to think it over first and will give my reply the next working day. The salary offer was way below what I will going to get for the Macau post. But the prospect of working in Singapore and the nature of the job weigh in. I was not able to call the agency as promised as I was hesitant to accept the offer. Little did I know that my not calling them would assume them that I already accepted the offer. After three days they called again asking me to report and submit additional documents for poea processing. Surprised, I told them I have not accepted yet the offer and still contemplating whether to accept it. That same day they asked me to visit the office so I did after work. Upon explaining, they were able to convince me to submit and sign some documents so they can proceed with the processing and just decide later. Meanwhile I still have not received any news from Macau.

Exactly two weeks after the interview I got a call from the agency informing me that my work permit had arrived, whoa little did I expect it will come that fast. That same day they asked me to report for the briefing and scheduled me for the pre departure orientation. All the reporting to the agency was done after office hours since I have work. The office has no idea what I have been into. At the agency, they told me to be ready to leave in less than a week as they were only waiting for the oec and the plane ticket. I was dumbfounded! Everything came so fast. My family has no idea about the impending overseas job. My office has no hint. The Macau job is on the hang. When I told all this to the agency personnel handling my papers, she was flabbergasted. I told her she knows from the beginning my predicament and told her that even up to that moment I am still hesitant whether I have to accept the job. I have to file a resignation letter a month before its effectivity, but I have only one week to do so. I don’t have money for the placement fee equivalent to a month salary, and how about my pocket money. I left the agency still with no final word whether I will accept the job. But they specifically emphasize that there is no turning back, and enumerates one by one all the possible consequences I will be facing if I turned back. Only one struck me, they say they will apply to the poea to ban me and it will mean I can no longer apply for work overseas.

The next few days were agonizing. The agency keep calling to tell me that I have to go for the medical exam, pay the processing fee and I keep on giving them excuses, meanwhile I have not informed the office about my pending resignation. The ticket arrives and I was booked to flight in three days. I told them I am not ready to leave. I have not done my medical exam, I have not file my resignation, and I don’t have the money! The agency was furious and told me something that immediately I made the decision. That night I draft my resignation letter, informed my family in the province that I was scheduled to leave in three days and that I need a big amount of money for the placement fee and the pocket money. The following day I proceeded to the medical clinic for the exam which took me half day being midweek. That afternoon I informed my officemates about my impending resignation but I did not give reason, we end up drinking that night and only then they knew the reason. The following day I was ready to bravely told the boss about the resignation, lunchtime he still not in office and will not be coming as told by his secretary. I txted him ( I knew I am so stupid to do that and up to now I am still embarrassed to recall that incident) and asked him if he was coming to office that day, he replied back that he was in a meeting and asked why. I txted him with hesitation that I am resigning and he asked back when, which I answered with effect that day he did not replied back, I knew he was mad. Later the HR asked me to fill up a clearance form, and delegate all the pending work and update my colleague who will temporary assume my position until a new one came. Lucky I was not able to sign in yet an employment contract with the company being not able to complete the three months probationary period. Yes I am new with the company; my boss knew that I have pending job waiting for me in Macau by my former office. I told him honestly when he hired me that in three months that I have not receive a news from them and if I passed the probationary period which is just the formality then I will join the company. The draft was given to me and somewhat not able to return back as I have reservation with some of the wordings. Maybe he assumed that it was the Macau job so he did not bother to ask further, or maybe I am not good enough to ask me to stay hahah.

On the eve of my departure, I reported to the agency and informed them that I was not able to raise up the amount they were asking. I have my allowance alright plus the two month house rental they asked me to produce as I have to pay for my own house rental. They won’t agree with the salary deduction or the promissory note I am willing to do should they accept. I stayed up their office until everybody but me and the staff who is handling my account. The boss won’t agree but I told them there is no way I can produce such amount.

They canceled my flight, and told me to produce the amount. They give me two days or else I can say goodbye to the job, and the treat of ban again. I felt relief since I was not ready to leave anyway. I was not able to pack my things and all my things in the apartment I am renting has to be shipped back home. The house owner agreed to terminate my house contract abruptly but told me I can not take back the deposit.

I did not exert effort securing the amount the agency was asking me to produce as it is still big amount and I assumed they will compromise. They called me for an update and told them I have difficulty securing the amount, they threatened me by telling me that they received a call that the employer will going to cancel the job offer if I will not arrive the second time. On the day of my departure I told them I can not produce the amount and resigned to not pursue the job anymore, but too careful to not be sounded complacent. They told me back that the employer just cancelled the job and hang up. I was astounded and for the first time I was scared and felt the stress and felt all the weight fell on me. I lost my present job, at the same time I lost the job waiting for me. The only consolation was the job in Macau which is still hanging and have no clue as to when will it arrive. Last time I get an update from Macau was a couple of weeks telling me that the permit application is still not out and have to wait a little more.

After three days, the agency called back and instructed me to report, I asked them why and told me that the employer changed mind. Then it occurred to me that the agency played trick on me. Later I found out that they can not booked me and also just waiting for me to beg them, to hell! When finally they confirmed a seat for me, it was only then they called me. I ended up paying the first ticket since the first one was non-refundable and should be consumed that same day. They agreed eventually for a post dated check.

Looking back, after all what happened yes I can admit that it’s worth all the effort. Little did I have apprehension then since I was a regular visitor in Singapore before when I was working in Malaysia way back. Three weeks after I settled here in Singapore, Macau was calling and informing me that the work permit is now ready and I have to report to the appointed agency that will process my papers. Initially I planned to ignore it and let them wait for awhile but the following day I sent my I am sorry I can no longer accept the job letter. Few more e-mail exchanges and eventually they resigned to not pursue me. When the economic crises exploded, the Macau project was put on hold and will not be continued for the time being. My former colleagues in Manila were relieved as they were working their heart out just to complete the design and the plans in time.

I was granted a two year employment pass here so I still have a year to work and stay here in Singapore, until then will I decide what to do next. Maybe that time the job in Macau will be up and still be available. For now I am still enjoying my stay here.

Given that situation occurred to you, what would you do?

Nine Days

Inside looking outside, the start of journey...

Thank goodness for cheap flights, no more longer waits vacation.

Looking below, deciphering what the pattern says.

Kabayan is such heaven for cheap and cozy travel. And wi fi anytime, everywhere.

Why I am scared?

The best pizza! The thinnest and softest. It melts in your mouth. I don't mind waiting for over two hours for the flight for this.

Another place for comfort in Iloilo

I don't mind lounging here for whole day twittering.

Eating batchoy in Iloilo is a must i would say, Deco's one is superb!

Sail to Guimaras and this is what you can see.

This is one place I can keep coming back.

Ahhh vacation...

Swimming for hours and days seems not enough

Haha yah overswim yes, it's not you it 's not iPhone, it's me.

Having early dinner in a deck with a view.

From a far it is just mountain with a huge cross atop.

Conquering it you will be surprised to find this, the huge cross, and a magnificent 360 degrees view of the island.

Yes the sweetest mango in the world come from the island.

Back in the mainland,this place by the seaside named Talabahan offers what else... ahh another plate please and SanMig light.

A spanking new Iloilo terminal comes no cheap, you will be rob a couple hundred.

Traveling by day comes with a view

You know from which province the plane just landed.

Yeah right! just what I did. Another two days shopping in Manila, then vacation was over. Time to travel back, work is waiting.


Ako'y humihingi ng paumanhin kung sa huli nyong pagdalaw ay di kayo naka access sa aking blog. Sinadya ko itong gawin kasi habang nasa kalagitnaan ako ng pag gamit ng computer sa opisina kahapon biglang nawala yung kuryente sa di malamang kadahilanan at di agad naibalik hanggang sa oras ng uwian. Dahil dito hindi ko nabura ang history ng mga inaccess ko na sites kasama na itong aking blog. Since dumaan ako sa ibang project site kanina, di ako ang unang makakagamit nung computer at malamang may gagamit at baka matutunton ang aking blog at ito'y mabasa heheh. Kaya kagabi ito ay aking quenarantine pansamantala. Wala naman dapat akong itago sa aking mga pinagsusulat, ayoko lang na malaman nila ito at tandaan at balik balikan.

Kanina paggamit ko burado na ang history at wala naman sinyales na itong aking blog ay naka bookmark, sana lang hindi rin ito naisulat at itinago para matandaan.

Kaya ngayon muli ko ulit na binubukas para sa lahat itong aking blog.

Sa muli hinihingi ko ang inyong pang unawa. Isang araw ko lang naman na quarantine baka nga wala man lang naligaw na pumasyal heheh. Sana man lang si Pacquiao sumunod sa hiling ng WHO at DOH. At sana nga hindi siya at ang kanyang mga kasamahan kuntaminado ng virus dahil pag nagkataon baka ma wipe out ang lahing Pilipino :)

P.S. Hindi salitang banyaga ang aking ginamit kasi baka maintindihan ng kasamahan ko sa trabaho na katutubo, just in case...