Exploring Georgetown

The main attraction in Penang is the old town district of Georgetown. The colonial era straits architecture is evident here. Other than the Georgian buildings and shophouses scattered around town, there are chinese mansions, Indian temples, mosques, and churches  to due many ethnic groups who settled in Georgetown.

My Trip to Penang Malaysia

My first travel this year happened last weekend to Penang Island, Malaysia. For four days I got to explore and experience the island's unique cultural, historical, and natural scenery. Penang has plenty of sightseeing opportunities scattered around the island. Aside from the attractions they have their on unique food not to be miss while in Penang.

This year's list of task

Last year, I skip this habit of making a list of task to do for the whole year. But this time I decided to have one, but unlike in previous years, this year's list of task will be concentrating on places I want to visit, things related to travel, and photography. As my resources is limited, I can travel only as far as the neighboring countries or just within the southeast asian countries where I don't need to secure a visit visa to enter one's country.