This year's list of task

Last year, I skip this habit of making a list of task to do for the whole year. But this time I decided to have one, but unlike in previous years, this year's list of task will be concentrating on places I want to visit, things related to travel, and photography. As my resources is limited, I can travel only as far as the neighboring countries or just within the southeast asian countries where I don't need to secure a visit visa to enter one's country.

1. I am determined this year to complete my desire to visit the rest of the southeast asian countries. The remaining countries are Myanmar, Laos, and Brunei.

2. There are many interesting places to visit in Myanmar, but one thing that really motivates me to visit Myanmar is the fabled Golden Rock, a big boulder that rests on top on the edge of the rock. And also the thousands pagoda in Bagan.
3. Luang Prabang in Laos is another interesting place to visit and explore. This UNESCO world heritage site has temples and hundreds of historic Lao-French buildings still preserved.
4. Penang Malaysia specially Georgetown, another world heritage site. I am curious and would like to know how it differs from Malacca which I love coming back.
5.Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur, Philippines. This place is close to home yet I have never been there, shame on me.

6. Boracay Islands. For two years, the island was my home. I want to come back and check the fruit of my labor, the Shangri-la Boracay. I was part of the project team who built it.

6. I would like to see what inside Esplanade, the theatre by the Bay. There must be one show that really worth watching,     only then can I check the interior of this Durian shape structure.
7. Palau Ubin, the last kampung (village) in Singapore. Visiting Ubin will takes you back to Singapore in the 60's, I want to experience it.
8. The Alkaff Bridge. I am curious how it look now up close. It was painted in 2004 by Filipino artist Pacita Abad and now known as Bridge of Art.
9. The Woodlands Waterfront, Changi Beach, and the East Coast for the sunrise/sunset photo shoot.
10. Join at least one overseas travel photography tour.

I'll let you know at year's end how I did. My previous entry summarizes my year travel in 2010, will this year be as fruitful as last year? Let's see.