"The Helix" Bridge

The pedestrian bridge which serves as a direct connection between the Marina Center to the Bayfront area where the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort is located was officially named "The Helix" last Saturday night against a backdrop of pyrotechnic show.

Fatahillah Square Jakarta

One of the places I have visited when I went to Jakarta is the Fatahillah Square in Old Batavia, formerly the center of trade and business activities during the Dutch colonial era. The Kota district as known today has significant number of grand colonial buildings, many are abandoned or dilapidated but still standing.

My Trip to Batam, Indonesia

I was pretty much occupied by my work after Easter so I don't have time to compose an entry for the blog. Though its not physically draining work but more on the mental aspect. There are a lot to attend to like answering all the complaints received that requires immediate attention and do follow ups so as it will not appear to be that we were not doing our job at all.

While you guys, you who are in pinas enjoys long break during Holy Week, we pinoys here, the less mortal, enjoys only Good Friday as holiday. As I have work the following day but off on Monday, I got Sunday and Monday for holiday trip. As I have only two days to spare, I went to Batam, Indonesia.

The Greatest Sacrifice


HE was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; by HIS wounds we are hailed.

---Isaiah 53