My Trip to Batam, Indonesia

I was pretty much occupied by my work after Easter so I don't have time to compose an entry for the blog. Though its not physically draining work but more on the mental aspect. There are a lot to attend to like answering all the complaints received that requires immediate attention and do follow ups so as it will not appear to be that we were not doing our job at all.

While you guys, you who are in pinas enjoys long break during Holy Week, we pinoys here, the less mortal, enjoys only Good Friday as holiday. As I have work the following day but off on Monday, I got Sunday and Monday for holiday trip. As I have only two days to spare, I went to Batam, Indonesia. I have been eyeing to visit Batam before so it comes easy for me to decide. I have to book in advance only the hotel room as going there will be by ferry and ticket can be purchase over the counter the day of travel itself.

The weather was gloomy and about to rain that day so that's what the mood I have during the trip. I leave my place early morning and was able to hopped the ferry by 8 in the morning. But the travel was a bit slow, though Indonesia is one hour time behind Singapore I was able to arrived Batam by around 9am and checked in Novotel Hotel before 10am. The hotel location is in Nagoya town which is about 20 minutes by taxi from the ferry terminal which is located at Batam Center. The hotel room is cozy which I thought I made the right choice since there is nothing much to do in Batam, staying in the room is the next best thing. Upon check in the room I spent more than an hour in the bathtub and just enjoy the hot sweet smelling soak, and i guess I was able to nap as I woke up very early that morning. I went out of hotel by lunch time and took a hotel cab to Nagoya Hill, a shopping mall. The mall is huge and modern. There was a native dance competition for kids that afternoon, and oh boy it was fun to watched! The kids were so adorable and a delight to shoot. But I was cautious to shoot since I don't know if it would be okay to do it. I content myself capturing them from a distance.

the hotel lobby viewed from second floor

my hotel room

Shopping in Batam is quite interesting but a disappointment for me. If you are into fake signature items like bags and clothings, Batam is your place to be. Almost all the shops in the malls here are selling fake items mostly bags and apparels. Batam is also famous for cheap massage, night bars, and other night related entertainment. I need to go back here to try these, as I was not able to get the chance due to bad rain.

Nagoya Hill mall

interesting display items

As for places of interest, there is nothing much to check here. I was able to visit Tua Pek Kong Temple, which is the oldest Chinese temple in Batam. The Barelang Islands and bridges I heard is interesting to check out but I was not able to do so since the taxi cab driver I inquired on quoted me a very high fare which I believe to be not worth to bite.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

the temple ground surrounding

The next day I never leave the hotel and just stay in my room until check out time. So I got the chance to swim at the indoor pool, use the sauna and the steam room. I was the only one using the facilities during the time I was using them so I had a grand time!

Indoor pool

the Fitness Center which contains the gym, sauna, and steam room

After checking out at the hotel by lunch time, I directly went straight to the ferry terminal. The ferry will leave Batam by 2:00pm so while waiting I ordered teh tarik at a coffee shop. The ferry left past 2pm and arrived Singapore past 4 in the afternoon.

Interesting buildings

A coffee shop at the ferry terminal, while waiting for departure

the departure waiting lounge

I was surprised to see this, I have no idea that Batam has a theme park!