Beach getaway: Rawa Island Resort


In the few islands that I have been to in Malaysia for holiday, Rawa Island is one that I can say clearly defines an island paradise. It has a white powdery sand and gentle lapping waves beach. Rawa island is a small island with no inhabitants and private. To enjoy the island you need to book at least for an overnight stay. Package rate includes accomodation, food, and boat fare. The booking need to be in advance and walk-in is not allowed.

Langkawi Trip: Surviving the Sky Bridge


One of the attraction at the Oriental Village in the upper northwest of Langkawi Island in Malaysia is the Langkawi Sky Bridge. A pedestrian bridge appears to be floating on top of two mountains. The experience to be there is exhilarating and be rewarded of the commanding view of the rainforest and its nearby islands.

Back to blogging

I am going to blog again. I intend to start over again and tried to regain the habit of writing. This blog has been going on for years already and had been to few changes. I remember the first time I created this blog my aim was just to write anything I would like to remember. After awhile I forgot about it. When I started working overseas, out of boredom I started to blog again. Writing some personal stuff and  met online friends from blogging. When I felt that I was revealing more of myself I somehow feel ashamed of somehow opening myself more, so I started writing only about my travel experiences since during that time I was already enjoying traveling overseas. 

This might turned out to be anything goes blog. I will make changes as to the format and appearance of this blog later. I feel like I am starting all over again. I wish by writing again I meet the old friends and hopefully meet new friends once again.