Back to blogging

I am going to blog again. I intend to start over again and tried to regain the habit of writing. This blog has been going on for years already and had been to few changes. I remember the first time I created this blog my aim was just to write anything I would like to remember. After awhile I forgot about it. When I started working overseas, out of boredom I started to blog again. Writing some personal stuff and  met online friends from blogging. When I felt that I was revealing more of myself I somehow feel ashamed of somehow opening myself more, so I started writing only about my travel experiences since during that time I was already enjoying traveling overseas. 

This might turned out to be anything goes blog. I will make changes as to the format and appearance of this blog later. I feel like I am starting all over again. I wish by writing again I meet the old friends and hopefully meet new friends once again.