Langkawi Trip: Surviving the Sky Bridge


One of the attraction at the Oriental Village in the upper northwest of Langkawi Island in Malaysia is the Langkawi Sky Bridge. A pedestrian bridge appears to be floating on top of two mountains. The experience to be there is exhilarating and be rewarded of the commanding view of the rainforest and its nearby islands.

The bridge can be reached by first taking the SkyCab to the top station and an inclinator that connect to the bridge. During the time I was there, the inclinator and the connecting platform is undergoing upgrading,  so to access the bridge one need to hike a very narrow  and steep pathway to reach the other end of the brigde platform that serves as  the entrance access. It was  exhausting experience, I have to stop from time to time  just to catch breath. But once I reach the platform I felt relieved by the  360 degree of awesome view of the island.

The bridge is curvy-shaped and being hanged by 9 cables tied to a single pylon at the mid section. The main structure is made of stainless steel and the walkway is precast concrete planks with  portion made of glass  equally arranged at the middle span for a clear peek view down under. It has two triangular-shaped platform at both ends.

The walk on the bridge in the first few meters is breezy and just okay, but going along it going to be  dizzy as the bridge tends to sway and got an illusion that seems threading on a rope because though the  bridge is 1.8m wide it appears to be narrow given its elevation and have a see-through railing so basically one will feel scary if not used to standing on very high surface. But upon reaching the midsection it would get use to already. And then iby stepping on a clear glass plank and will be looking down below  the dizzy feeling  will be felt again. The bridge is 82 meters  above ground. If you have fear of height, the bridge is the way to conquer your fear.  

Coming back  at the platform after traversing the bridge, I started to ponder what was the motivation to construct the bridge in the first place. I thought it was an insane idea to be build the bridge there. But now nothing is impossible, everything can be build. I wonder on the difficulty and the logistic to put it in such high terrain it must have been a feat building it. The sky bridge can truly claim as one of engineering marvel.

Before i left the bridge  i took the customary selfie  beside the signage that says " i survived!  at the most iconic suspension brigde".

Entrance to the pathway that lead to the sky bridge
The narrow steep and winding pathway
A signage says to be cautious for wild creatures, I havent seen one though
View of the brigde from the pathway
The steps that made me stop from time to time to graps breath
The end of the pathway that lead to the triangular platform
The first glance of the brigde from the platform
View from the bridge

The concrete planks that make you cringe once you step on it as it move
The view of the pylon from the glass plank
The other end of the bridge that is undergoing upgrading

The stainless steel main structure of the bridge 

There is an entrance fee of 5 malaysian ringgit, and one has to sign a waiver before anyone can be allowed to the brigde.