Saigon and Jakarta Cathedrals

Whenever I travel overseas and got a chance to visit a church, I always included it in my itinerary and took pictures of  the facade and sometimes of the interiors. Two of the cities I have visited have a very interesting Cathedrals though similar concept of design but totally two different kind of architecture.

In Saigon, the Notre Dame Basilica is one famous landmark you will hardly missed as a tourist. It is located at the Paris Square in downtown area. A magnificent twin-towered neo-romanesque cathedral built in the 1880s by the French during their colonial occupation of Saigon. It has two bell towers reaching a height of over 58 meters with  bronze bells. The construction materials including the red bricks used for the exterior walls were all brought in from France. The facade has three arches that gives an indication of the cathedral's internal structure.The interior decoration is relatively simple yet tranquil.

I am a Wedding Photographer for a day

I volunteered myself to be one of the wedding photographers for a wedding event held on 10.10.10.

October 10, 2010, a rare coincidence of date being 10.10.10, is an auspicious day in Chinese almanac for couple to get married. On that day there were 800+ couples in Singapore took advantage of this rare opportunity, of whom 118 couples were solemnized at 19 venues scattered in different locations within the Sentosa Island. This is the event I took part to be a wedding photographer.

There were 100 of us photographers who covered the 19 venues of the event. 15 of us were assigned to cover one of the venues. The assigned location was very conducive as it is surrounded by greenery and within the hundred year old ficus tree. And the golf course serves as backdrop of the 4 gazebos set up for the solemnization.

National Art Gallery, Singapore Open House

For two weekends starting last Saturday, the Old Supreme Court and City Hall along St Andrews Rd. fronting the Padang, is opened for the last time to the public to see, appreciate and experience both buildings as they are before it will go major renovation and will be transformed into National Art Gallery, Singapore.

Curiosity was my main motivation why I was there last Saturday. The first time I came to visit Singapore years ago, it was these two buildings while standing in the middle of the Padang were I have myself photographed. Back then I was wondering why it was closed on a weekday. Last Saturday was my chance to see the interiors of these grand buildings.

Lunch at Bonifacio

Last June I got the chance to have lunch at Bonifacio. Right after we've done with the photo shoot at Mandai Orchid Garden, Kath's Eye and I agreed to have lunch at Bonifacio in Kreta Ayer Road in Chinatown area. It was a Sunday and surprisingly when we arrived only one table has been occupied by a family of 4. When I inquired to the staff if it is always the case he replied not at all and added that the day before it was full due to Independence day celebration being held nearby. It was my first time so I was excited to be there.

I heard about Bonifacio from Filipino friends and colleagues here in Singapore saying only good things about the food and even recommending a must try dish. When we were seated and looking around the place I said to myself that the restaurant is just like an upscale version of typical restaurant found inside Lucky Plaza, but the moment I opened the menu I was in for a new experience.