Lunch at Bonifacio

Last June I got the chance to have lunch at Bonifacio. Right after we've done with the photo shoot at Mandai Orchid Garden, Kath's Eye and I agreed to have lunch at Bonifacio in Kreta Ayer Road in Chinatown area. It was a Sunday and surprisingly when we arrived only one table has been occupied by a family of 4. When I inquired to the staff if it is always the case he replied not at all and added that the day before it was full due to Independence day celebration being held nearby. It was my first time so I was excited to be there.

I heard about Bonifacio from Filipino friends and colleagues here in Singapore saying only good things about the food and even recommending a must try dish. When we were seated and looking around the place I said to myself that the restaurant is just like an upscale version of typical restaurant found inside Lucky Plaza, but the moment I opened the menu I was in for a new experience.

The mid-class restaurant is nestled in a refurbished shophouse with a capiz christmas lantern at the facade, complete with signage from food to events announcements plastered at its glass door. The stucco-color walls has framed images of Bonifacio and other Philippine landscapes. I noticed a tray of mangoes in a recessed wall cum shelf near the entrance, looks to me like altar shelf. Lighting was provided by a concave shape rattan shades hanged on the ceiling. Another lantern is hanged at the farthest end of the restaurant. I think these lanterns are a permanent fixture already because it's not even ber months when we were there. The place is sleek and welcoming.

Bonifacio's wall decors

The menu listed all time filipino favorites but true to their adverts it is presented with a dash of modernity. We did not go for a full course, instead directly ordered the main course. We ordered chicken inasal, porkchop, lumpiang shanghai,and eggplant omellette. I chose chicken inasal because I missed the Bacolod inasal and knowing it to be the same one as assured by the service staff, but surprised to find out its more like litson manok instead heheh but tastes good anyhow. The served chicken inasal is marinated and grilled in an oven.The porkchop is authentic same with the banana turon and halo halo which we ordered for dessert. I cannot boost much of the Bayan Ko - eggplant omellette with minced pork in it. Interesting names of dishes they have like Katipuneros, Hala Pata!, Pugad Laing, Anak bayan, Himagsikan, Lumpiang Hinirang, etc… clever naming indeed.
refreshing iced lemongrass tea!

Overall I can say that Bonifacio is one place where you can proudly bring non-Filipino friends and colleagues and share with them the taste and flavor of authentic Filipino cuisine.

Bonifacio is located at 35 Kreta Ayer Road (opposite Kreta Ayer Community Club).