My Singapore Grand Prix Expérience

I finally succumbed to F1 fever for the first time since the Formula 1 race comes to Singapore. The inaugural race three years ago here I was just an outsider and contented to just experience it on the big screen at Clarke Quay open area. The next year I almost convinced to buy a ticket but decided to just be on the sidelined, so I just roamed around the Asian Civilzation Museum grounds just outside the Gate 5.

This year I finally decided to watched and bought the ticket three days before the event. I bought a Saturday walk through area 4 ticket. With the ticket I can roam around the Esplanade Park grounds and to the whole Padang area. I came in at around 6:30 pm at Gate 5 located at the Asian Civilization Museum grounds. I proceeded straight to Padang area where the LG stage is located. The scheduled artist to perform is Chris Daughtry and he was performing by the time I arrived. It was a good start for the evening.

The concert ended just in time for the final practice of the racers. The crowd instantly dispersed and took spot along the race track. I joined the crowd at the spot near the Padang were bleachers was provided but it was fully occupied when I arrived so I find myself behind people standing along the low fenced installed a meter away from the fenced track. I was not lucky since I couldn't took a decent shoot of the cars. Panning is very difficult so I was not happy with the shots I had taken. So instead of taking pictures I just concentrated on the race itself.

Right after the last car passed its time for dinner. There is a food village constructed at Esplanade Park and as expected it is crowded and queuing is all you have to do to have something to eat. Food waiting takes you about half an hour for short order and 1 hour for cook to order food.

While having dinner the show Studio Festi's Italian Harmony was being held at the Padang grounds. The show reminds me of the Singapore River Fest Air.The production is a gravity-defying acts with life-sized pianos, huge balloons, and ships hoisted in the air while dancers and acrobats in lavish costumes suspended midair twirl to the rhythm of symphony music. It was a one hour visual and musical outdoor spectacle.

When the show was over it was time to return back to the race track for the Formula One Qualifying, the driver who will emerges first will have the advantage to the following night final race considering the narrow race track the Singapore GP have. It was the same case as earlier situation, I was not able to get good shots of the cars. But I enjoyed immensely watching and hearing the sounds of the racing cars. At the end of the race, Alonso, Vettel, and Hamilton occupied the top three positions and Schumacher was ninth.

Then right after the qualifying race, its time to catch Adam Lambert at the Padang LG stage to capped the evening. I am not a fan but watching him that night was fun. As expected the flamboyant Adam brings with him his distinctive costumes, raunchy dancers, and powerful vocals. He kissed his lead guitarist who happens to be guy during one of his acts. But overall I guess his performance that night was toned down.