Why my blog is inactive lately?

Its been awhile since this blog has been updated. In the past I made it a point to at least write an entry one in a week and I always have time to do so. But these past days I had a hard time to update not because I have nothing to say but because its just that I don't have the urge anymore to make one. Sorry but its just that the interest in me to blog was no longer there. This kind of situation happened to me before. If you will backtrack my entries there are long gaps of in between entries, and this is happening to me again. Lately I have been trying hard to gain back the interest in blogging and slowly conditioning my mind to once again become active to blogging.

I am not there yet but I am sure I will become active again.

So while this blog is sleeping…

I travelled back to Malaysia last month to accompanied a cousin who visited me here in Singapore. Its an overnight trip but I managed to tour her around Malacca, Genting Highlands, and Kuala Lumpur. Its her first time to travel overseas I mean being a tourist, though she's working in Saudi Arabia as a medical staff. In the many times I have been to Genting Highlands before I always feel in love with the place, and coming back once again there was no exception. I love the cool weather and the feeling of being on top of the world is just awesome.

Why is it that when someone visited me here in Singapore, I have a habit of touring them around Malacca. But I guess it is just an excuse for me to keep coming back to this Unesco heritage site. I love the place because every time I was there I love reminiscing how it was like centuries ago.

And because of her, I was able to went back to Sentosa Island. Going there, I have few first times and all for her. It was her first time to ride a cable car and first time for me after it was being rehabilitated. She was scared and I cant blame her because I myself too find it a bit scary since unlike the old ones, the replaced cars now have a clear glass walls and flooring and small. What more it scarier now compared to before is that is now suspended at least 60 meters above the sea!

Another first for me is coming back there after the Universal Studios opening, but since we arrived in mid afternoon the gates were closed already for the day, so we were not able to explore the place. So I just toured her around the island attractions and capped the day by watching Songs of the Seas show. I thought it would be a boring show since the last I watch it it is just dancing fountains with accompanying laser and lights. S its become another first for me after they have revised the show, and to be honest I like it now.

And of course she should visit museums too, and since we don't have much time we opted for one only and the rest just photo ops at the building facades. We went inside the National Museum and she liked it. What I like visiting this museum is the ipod like gadget they provided upon entry so you can learn by audiovisual everything on display at the museum.

Kite flying at the Marina Barrage. No I did not fly one but I enjoyed just by watching them flying kites.

The Mid-Autumn Festival lighting ceremony. Last year I was able to witnessed it. What makes last year memorable to me is that it was the first time I went out with my new Nikon D5000 then. So my dlsr is a year old already and I still not able to maximize it usage. Which made me remember tot pursue previous plan to enroll advance photography class.

And just recently the lantern festival at the Singapore River. My previous entries talks about previous festivals being held here, and this is one of them. Just like before or in any event it is always crowded.

There it goes, I think the passion to blog is within me again...