I am a Wedding Photographer for a day

I volunteered myself to be one of the wedding photographers for a wedding event held on 10.10.10.

October 10, 2010, a rare coincidence of date being 10.10.10, is an auspicious day in Chinese almanac for couple to get married. On that day there were 800+ couples in Singapore took advantage of this rare opportunity, of whom 118 couples were solemnized at 19 venues scattered in different locations within the Sentosa Island. This is the event I took part to be a wedding photographer.

There were 100 of us photographers who covered the 19 venues of the event. 15 of us were assigned to cover one of the venues. The assigned location was very conducive as it is surrounded by greenery and within the hundred year old ficus tree. And the golf course serves as backdrop of the 4 gazebos set up for the solemnization.

We arrived on site past two in the afternoon too early for the 4:00 pm start. The first set of couples to be solemnize is 4:00pm and will be followed every 15 minutes. The early couples came together with their relatives started to arrive as early as three in the afternoon, but those who came early were scheduled to be solemnize in a later time so those assigned to cover the couples have ample time for their on site photo session with the couple, unless the couple don't mind being dragged around.

My assigned couple came just in time for their 4:45pm schedule. And they were not that enthusiastic for the on site wedding photo shoot. Good for me as I don't need to drag them around. They just want to be solemnize that day. Actually no relatives came to celebrate with them, just the two witnesses as required. After the solemnization they just posed for few minutes, as the bride don't want to be expose in the sun so most of the shoots were taken under the shades so the photo results has uneven skin tone and shadows. Earlier we were briefed that there is no need for an external flash. After few takes they leave the venue and head out to the coffee shop, I overheard the bride telling his groom. I was not happy with the photos I took but glad I don't have to be pressured to produce best results, it comes free anyway :).

After that I just busied myself documenting the event, which is my reason why I joined this event, well aside from gaining experience of course.

Photos below were behind the scene shots, for the actual shots of the couples you can check the Facebook page of the event.

One of the couples who have brought all the relatives on their wedding day

Couple on their on site photo shoot

This is another venue of the solemnization, at the beachfront.

Couples gathered for a photo shoot with the Guest of Honor