Nine Days

Inside looking outside, the start of journey...

Thank goodness for cheap flights, no more longer waits vacation.

Looking below, deciphering what the pattern says.

Kabayan is such heaven for cheap and cozy travel. And wi fi anytime, everywhere.

Why I am scared?

The best pizza! The thinnest and softest. It melts in your mouth. I don't mind waiting for over two hours for the flight for this.

Another place for comfort in Iloilo

I don't mind lounging here for whole day twittering.

Eating batchoy in Iloilo is a must i would say, Deco's one is superb!

Sail to Guimaras and this is what you can see.

This is one place I can keep coming back.

Ahhh vacation...

Swimming for hours and days seems not enough

Haha yah overswim yes, it's not you it 's not iPhone, it's me.

Having early dinner in a deck with a view.

From a far it is just mountain with a huge cross atop.

Conquering it you will be surprised to find this, the huge cross, and a magnificent 360 degrees view of the island.

Yes the sweetest mango in the world come from the island.

Back in the mainland,this place by the seaside named Talabahan offers what else... ahh another plate please and SanMig light.

A spanking new Iloilo terminal comes no cheap, you will be rob a couple hundred.

Traveling by day comes with a view

You know from which province the plane just landed.

Yeah right! just what I did. Another two days shopping in Manila, then vacation was over. Time to travel back, work is waiting.


  1. wow inggit naman ako

  2. kainggit talaga mga taong nagbabakasyon ngayong summer!!!

  3. haba naman pala ng bakasyon mo. so you didn't go to camsur na?

    i like that white church but is it being used pa ba? parang masukal na surroundings nya eh.

    the land pattern i would think is organic. :)

  4. e di kayo na nag-bakasyon! haha.

  5. wow! bakasyon...can't wait to go home...

  6. Hello Jinjiruks: wag na maiinggit, pasyal na din :)

    Hello gillboard: so kailan na yung trip to Singapore mo?

    Hi Reena: short nga lang considering 3 lugar napuntahan ko heheh. Biglaan yung bakasyon ko kasi kaya di na ako umuwi di nga nila alam, in two months pa naman sabi ko sa bahay heheh. Treat ko lang sarili ko kasi. Yap madami pumupunta don every sunday ata may mass, at di sa masukal. I post an entry sa lugar na yon.

    Hello Badong: huh? di ko nagets heheh

    Hi Confession Nook: uwi na din heheh at byumahi para di maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan :)

    P.S. Buti di kayo nahilo sa post ko hahah... hirap mag isip pag medyo occupied sa work at kakagaling lang ng bakasyon, pasensya na.

  7. what! hindi ka nagsabi na uuwi ka? hahaha. well, it's good you still chose to visit the philippines. love your own, ika nga. :) sige, we'll wait for your other posts.

  8. wow ang sarap naman ng nanjan
    its nice to be here in your blog
    'i saw your blog through pinoy bloggers
    have a great day and happy blogging
    would you mind fopr an exhange links?

  9. hwow... ganda naman. hmmm.. another great idea.. park ko yan sa list ko for vacation spots. :)

  10. So you're not here anymore. Ang daya. Di namin nacollect ang pasalubong. Puede ba naman yun?! Ahahaha. Enjoy ba? I'm sure ready to brave the world again huh?

    Cheers! ",)

  11. Now that's what I call vacation! Good for you brag!

  12. Wow! daw kasadya gid ya sang bakasyon mo parts. Y ka naghambal nga taga iloilo ka gali...

    that's the beauty of cheap flights... you get to home more often!

  13. Hello Reena_ yeah nagtour lang ako heheh

    Hi bluedreamer27_ thanks for dropping by, sure sigi keep visiting :)

    Hello edSie_ welcome back, masarap maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan

    Hi Jan_ welcome back, it was unplanned next time na lang heheh

    Hi JD_ tama ba tol? yeah bday gift ko sa sarili ko jejejejeh

    Hi Desert Aquaforce_ thanks for dropping by, heheh di ko naintindihan.. yes but aside from the fare kailangan pa din ng panggastos heheh

  14. Hi bluedreamer27_ hahah dami mo pala blogs, which one you want to be linked on my blog? tell me so I can link you.

  15. That Kabayan interior looks nifty for an affordable rate.

  16. Hi The Phil Guild Guide: thanks for visiting, yes it is. Three words that keep me coming back: location, service, and affordable.