Museum Exhibit: Joseon Korea

Another on-going exhibition at Asian Civilization Museum that I had the opportunity to view is the Joeson Korea – Court Treasures and City Life. During the Singapore Heritage Festival held on May, the museum was open to the public for free.  I took the oppurtunity to check the exhibition as I was intrigued with Korean culture and heritage. I have no idea that Korea was once ruled by a king.

The exhibit is all about the Joseon, Korea’s last dynasty. The Joeson Dynasty lasted more than 500 years and believed to be one of the longest dynasties in the world. The exhibit is all about the people and their way of life during the period. 

What caught my attention on the exhibit were the clothes at that period which are often worn by the characters in Korean period drama seen on television and cinema. 

King’s Robe.  The most formal attire of the King that being worn during important state events.

Queen’s Ceremonial Robe. Called Jeogui, is the most formal attire for Joseon queen worn only  for the highest occasions such as her own wedding.

Child’s Jacket and headress.This rainbow-coloured sleeves were worn by children during festivals, as well as their first birthday. 

Woman’s Ceremonial Jacket. Is a summer garment worn by women of the royal court.

On display also are objects during the period.

The exhibition runs until 23 July 2017 at Asian Civilization Museum.