Gardens by the Bay turns 5

Last Saturday I went to Gardens by the Bay to watch the multimedia show at the Supertree Grove area in celebration of the 5th anniversary of Gardens by the Bay.
Upon arriving at the garden, I have notice long fabrics hanging on some of the supertrees so I expected it there will be acrobats that will be swinging and rappelling up and down. As the area near these supertrees were already crowded, I walk further and trying to find a good location so I can have a good view of the show. I thought viewing it at elevated platform will give me a good perspective and can shoot the acrobats at eye level


Moving around while looking for the perfect spot, I observed how the place has emerged after five years since the park has been built. There is no major addition I guess during the five years but one thing I have noticed the crown of the supertrees has not been fully covered by foliage. It would be nice to see those branches fully envelop by crawling greens.

Seeing the roof garden of the restaurants within, I find the perfect spot and so I think. I have no idea that at this spot I will be far away from where the show will be held. When I was on the ground I didn’t notice the stage at the foot of the supertrees, so I have no idea that the performers will only be confined on the stage and the acrobats will be performing right on top of the stage and will not be coming up as high as the supertrees.

The supertrees are alive and colourful as the projection of images in varying colours reflects on its facade. The projections moved with the accompanying music and at the same time as the performers do their stuff on the ground and aerial.  There was a short fireworks in the end.

Too bad I didn’t saw it all as like I said I was quite far from the performers.

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