Exploring Universal Studios Singapore

A friend from the Philippines visited me here in Singapore so I finally got the chance to explore the Universal Studios for the first time and maybe my last for now unless someone invited me for free. And why is that? I believe that to me as an adult the 72 sing dollars is over-charged because most of the exciting rides and attractions were either closed or under maintenance that day.  But it would be different experience for kids and young at hearts which the theme park is for them anyway. 

The day we went to was Deepavali Day which I was hesitant at first to go because I thought it would be crowded being a national holiday. But I was wrong, the crowd was manageable that day, perhaps most of the locals opted to go to other countries being a long weekend.

We arrived at around two in the afternoon, the weather was cloudy with patchy drizzle in the afternoon so roaming around the whole complex was a breeze and pleasurable. The ticket price that day like i mentioned is not cheap at 72 singdollar being public holiday. With that amount you can practically rides, watch shows, and the opportunity to explore the whole park. The park features the world's tallest dueling roller coaster based on the hit television show Battlestar Galactica but it was not operational that day (major disappointment), a far far away castle of Shrek, the island of Madagascar, the Lost World, Ancient Egypt, and the streets of New York and Hollywood Boulevard comprises the seven themed zones, and each has its own attractions. 

Upon entering the main gates, it is the Hollywood Boulevard that will be passing by. The icons of hollywood are all can be seen here from the Walk of Fame, palm trees and the dynamic buildings which turns into a shopping strip of the park. Attraction at this zone is  the rock-n-roll musical Monster Rock! at the broadway style Pantages Hollywood Theatre. We managed to catched the show on a last hour.

The next zone is the Madagascar from the animated movie of the same title. It features lush tropical jungle with zoo animals as the attractions. We just admired the scenery and did not bother to check the attractions which is more catered for kids, a carousel and a roller coaster.
The first attraction we tried was at the Far Far Away zone. This zone consists of the Shrek swamp house, the Far Far Away Castle where the Shrek 4-D Adventure is being screened. The 3D film that will let you see, hear, and actually feel the action for a journey to help save Princess Fiona right from your seat. The Donkey live show at the Hook's Night Club was keep on rescheduling that day until no show happened (another disappointment).

 The next zone is the Lost World. The same case happened here, we were not able to catch the Waterworld live action show which I look forward to see. The gatekeeper keep telling us to come back everytime we go back for its scheduled show time. Not a single show materialized that day ( another disappointment). Not only  we were  not able to catch the show, but also did not able to explore the area as it was off limit!

 Same case here at the Jurassic Park. The Canopy Flyer is malfunctioning and they can not tell what time the ride be operational and told us the same thing and ended not able to try the ride.

Lucky the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster ride at the Ancient Egypt zone did not disappoint us.  In complete darkness, this high speed psychological thrill ride aims you to find the book while tackling fireballs, scarab beetles, and robotic warrior mummies. I find this ride scary enough not of the special effects but on ride itself because during the entire ride you don't have any idea when it will make sharp turns, fast reverse, and  deep dives because it is totally dark!

The Sci-fi City zone was close also. The main attraction Battlestar Galactica as mentioned is closed. The whole section is like abandoned futuristic metropolis. We did not even encountered a single humanoid while passing the area.

New York. The zone is based on the 1940's New York City. Landmarks such as subway station, the Stock Exchange, a movie house, and yes a yellow taxi cab is parked. On the streets of New York, there is a breakdancing show. The dancers were joy to watch since they were interactive. They invited  kids to join them during the course of their dance routine and it was entertaining. Another attraction here in New York zone which not to be miss is the Light, Camera, Action show hosted by no less Steven Spielberg.

Another street show is a group of retro dancers along Hollywood Boulevard fronting Mel's Dine-In. I like their energy and how they engage the audience to dance with them and even posed with them while they were on the dance act, very accommodating indeed. By the way the burgers at Mel's Dine-In is the best.

Though I was disappointed some of the exciting rides and attraction were closed,I enjoyed my visit. But. By the way I have a tip to share, the Hollywood zone is open from 7:00 to 10:00 pm during Fridays and Saturdays for only $5 per entry fee. You can still shop, dine and catch the 9:30 fireworks during this period.