iLights at the Marina Bay

I felt exhausted upon completion of photo shooting the different installations as scattered around the Marina Bay. I commenced from the Floating platform climbed up the Helix Bridge down to the Marina Sands, then to the City Gallery at the Waterfront Promenade. Though it was a leisurely stroll but still exhausting one. 

There are 26 light artworks, each is accompanied by a signage explaining what the work is about, who the artist, and also what's smart about the work. The works were created by both local and international artists addressing the theme of people, place, and time.

Digital Origami Tigers : The crouching digital tigers combines ancient lantern making methods with cutting edge digital design and fabrication. Artist - Chris Bosse

Flora Magica :  The facade of the Maybank building transformed into a blossoming moon garden. Artist - Studio KYbra
A Blue Mirage in the City of Light : 16 ensembles of 2-meter tall 20/20 laminated glass offset and rotated along two facing lines. The installation creates prismatic reflections of the surrounding cityscape. Artist - WY-TO Architects
Lumenocity Singapore : an abstracted energy consumption map of the Singapore Central Business District. The color of the boxes (refer to a particular block of the CBD) correlate to the amount of energy consumed and light pollution emitted. Artist - Sascha Crocker & Andrew Daly (Australia)
Positive Attracts : An artist's exploration of the belief that the optimism of our mental state of mind can affect a positive outcome of our physical state. The installation consist of 9 "heroes" that incubate dreams and will "deposit positivity" to the public as they draw near. Famous quotes written at the base of each heroes will enable the public to guess who they are. Artist - Edwin Cheong ( Singapore)
Fire Flies : Created from PET-bottles and blinking diodes to resemble into fireflies. Artist - Francesco Mariotti (Switzerland)
Human Tiles : The tiles are made of people's movement and color of their clothes as captured on video then projected over the building facade. Artist - OCUBO (Portugal & Belgium)
My Public Garden : 29 giant plant-like light sculptures of 6 different varieties bloom and glow in darkness. The 29 light works are powered by biodiesel fuel. Artist - TILT (France)