This blog is on

So this blog is in hiatus once again for over a month now. And no one is asking why. It goes to show that nobody is really reading my blog and those who happens to drop by were only because google direct them to here.

Anyway i am busy with work, and in the past month i was not able to go out on a trip because again due to work. And this will go on until the project completion targeted to be on April next year. Unlike in my previous job assignment, I am on my own here on my present post so i cannot file a short leave even if i am intitled to. So my short holidays will be on hold for now.

As i am busy with work, updating this blog will be a struggle for me. There will be some changes in my postings beginning today. I will be updating this blog using blogger mobile app. But then again this will depend on time availability and if i have interesting stuff to share ��.

Last month i was at the Singapore F1 Night Race, and just as last year i was dissapointed with the photos i took on the race cars. And also i was not happy with the photos i took during the event. That is why i am not too enthusiastic to post it. But if i really have time i will post an entry of it here anyway.

Change is enevitable, as much as i am hasitant to, i guess this is one option i have to do for now.

Yes this blog is still on...