I think this is long overdue, so i'll be doing this in one posting. 

I can't recall how we cross our path here. Kath is one of my avid readers and I to her. Her iTravel tackles beautiful places and more. She forwarded me two awards she got from her co-bloggers.

The first one is this Friendly Blogger Award. I don't have idea why she consider me for this award, but maybe the way we exchanged comments  answers that.

Another one is this Smart Blogger Award which caught me off-guard. Why she has forwarded me this? I can't think of reason hehehe, but then again I can't question her observation, so I guess I have to accept this wholeheartedly. 

Thank you Kath, Mabuhay ka!

Engr Sherwin and I share the same profession. Though we meet only here in blogosphere, it seems we know each other. He is very active blogger and I guess he meet a lot of blogkada here but still he consider me as one who inspire him, well who am I to question that.

First one is Uber Amazing Award. Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:

a)inspires you

b) makes you smile and laugh

c)or maybe gives amazing information

d)a great read

e)has an amazing design

f)and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing

I guess one of these fit my blog that's why he forwarded me this. Thanks tol.

Next one is Neno Award which was forwarded to me on Easter. It says the objective of this award is to serve as a dedication to those who love to blog and to encourage friendship.

And this one, Mok's Award. He said this is not a tag but a recognition made by him. This is very unique and I must say I have to treasure this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To end this post, I forward all these awards except the last one to all the bloggers whose blog were listed on my blogroll. As my personal thanks to to all of you I will not ask you to make a post for each one of these awards but feel free to  put these on your blog sidebar, you all deserve these. Once you've done, let me know.


  1. Congratulations on all the awards.

  2. Engineer.. thanks! Galing ng accptance speech mo..salamat at naappreciate mo yung 3 awards na binigay ko sa iyo..you really deserve it...

  3. hahahahaha same here...di ko pa napopost yung mga award puro sidebars lang... M saving it for later...jijijijiji... Congrats sa mga awards!

  4. Hooo.. parang awards night lang. Naghakot ng mga awards oh... Ahehehe..

  5. congrats. ang dami mo namang award. penge...

  6. got 1 more award pa nga pala for u. :) please check it out. ty