I Am not busy and in fact I have nothing to do these past few days. My mind and body seemed to not functioning since Sunday. I have no idea what was happening to me. I spent the whole day in my room, in bed. In fact I hardly eat that day, I was hungry I know but I did not take solid food. It was only later that afternoon when I decided to cook instant noodle. As I don't like the taste of it, I added beef meat, pichay, garlic, onion, and eggs to better the taste. With slice bread, that served as my food intake for the day. I can't focused on television, I hardly touched my mac, and worst I had no sms received that day. I dragged myself for the six o'clock mass, and while on it I can't focus. I hardly remember what was the gospel and homily. In fact I did not wait for the final blessing as I hurriedly went out.  I heard mass within town and not in the city, and when this is the case I usually pass by the mall to catch movie and or just have dinner. Even that I skipped. I went straight home. I hardly eaten and in fact nothing changed since I woke up that day.

And it was the same the next day, Monday. Something was bothering me but I don't know why. I had difficulty getting up from bed. Coffee, hot shower, and laundry chore hardly made impact in my slobbish state. My usual lunch bought from the hawker center became tasteless and half eaten. I tried to sleep but I just can't. I really don't understand what was happening to me, and the fact that no matter how I tried to freed from it, I just can't. 

So no wonder the next day at work, I was in complete mess. Buti na lang wala masyado activities sa site. But the feeling stayed the same the whole day. In fact at midday I was tempted to file a half day leave, but I knew it was not possible so I ended up dragged the time.

Until today. But now that I can write this, I guess I am going back to my usual self. 

But still clueless what really hit me.

By the way I went to the earth day event in Esplanade Park last Saturday, so that means my room was in complete darkness for four hours that I was away that night, more than enough the earth hour requires.

Got these pictures.





  1. Hmmm... That was odd... Baka stress ka lang siguro tol... tara gimik tayo?! Mawawala din yan Jijijijijijiji... Hanap ka na lang ng mga bagay na nakakapagpasaya sa iyo tapos mawawala na rin yan... ingats!

  2. parang may ganyang kanta...

    "hindi makatulog, hindi makakain, sa kakaisip sayo..." ay hindi pala. hehhe...OMG, baka you're in love!!!! hahahaha

    gumimik ka kasi with other people. sounds like you go out by yourself lang eh. makipag-EB ka. hehe. kayo ni eben, labas kayo.... or baka you're homesick. hindi ka naman depressed or something diba?

    anyway, i wish you feel better soon!

  3. Ei tol I am Xprosaic, yes you are right, odd and up to now i can't comprehend what was really going on with me.

    Hahaha Reena you are wrong because I am always in love, lol. It was really out of this world feeling. Maybe I was hit by malware or something.

    thanks , I am getting better now. Btw you asked me my province, it's camsur.

  4. camsur! wakeboarding! :)

  5. ay baka homesick lang yan..."bumili na ng globe at tumawag sa pamilya saan man sa mundo"...joke ads lang yan ha! Anyway, visit my blog kasi may award ako sa yo....

  6. Nice earth hour scenes. :D

  7. Nice to know you're laughing again... SO malamang ok ka na ulit tol! jejejjejeje

  8. WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.... i miss this kasi last staurady we had family reunion.... embes na hindi gumamit ng electricity, oversude ako ginawa namin! waaaaaaaahhhhh.... walang kamatayang videoke kasi!

  9. bawal makipag-away sa blog ko...heheheh....

  10. That's odd. It's your own version of Earth Hour, I think: powering itself down. With your lethargy who knows how many precious cubic centimeters of carbon emission had been saved. Hahaha. Your meaningful contribution to the campaign to stave off global warming. So cheer up. All is well with the world. If not, take more rest and alone time again. Perhaps it will do you a lot of good. :)

  11. parang ganyan din ako most of the time. haha

  12. @katherine: sana nga kaso hindi, it won't help it adds pa nga,lol.

    @stephen: yeah but the scene in Manila is much better.

    @I am Xprosaic: Tol I wish, no not yet medyo pa lang heheh.

    @olan: Don't fret, there's next year.

    @Reena: I deleted it, but that's not my intention. Yeah wakeboarding, its the governor playground. Not only that we have Caramoan Islands.

    @Jan: Oo nga ano di kaya dala ng earth hour yun kasi the day after nun yun na heheh pandon my silly thought.

    @Badong: So I am not alone haha but most of the time? di nga?