60 things to do during Earth Hour

Comes Saturday night at 8:30 in the evening, for one whole hour there will be darkness. Do you have plan on what to do? Allow me to give you a list on what can one do in the dark.

1   top of the list is attend the Earth Hour event nearest you.

2   gather family and friends for a star gazing picnic night in your local park, or in the beach.

5    roam the neighborhood and see what the neighbors have switched off.

13    turn on all the lights in every room and timing how long it will takes before someone knocks on your door.

17    get drunk alone in the dark, like you usually do right after break ups.

21   sit in the dark and shares stories, of course with someone other than your pet.

39    go for a long drive with the headlights off, not alone someone has to call 911.

47   tuck yourself and your dovey in bed for good 60 minutes, procreate the next generation of earthlings.

51   prove yourself that you can go 60 minutes without updating your facebook status.

58   congratulate yourself you survived videokeing without the teleprompter.

60   start a pool on whether there will be a baby surge in nine months.

Please do your share.


  1. ermmm... so does that mean if we turn off the lights on Saturday we'd also have to turn off all appliances?!

    That kinda sucks.. but for earth, I'll do something from your list... number 47 looks doable... lolz

  2. Hi gillboard, only those that emanates light i guess :)

  3. I like your suggestion in item no.2, we loved star gazing...hoping lang wag lang masyadong maulap o makulimlim sa gabi...
    Lol at No.47..but it's a good suggestions hehehe!!!

    My family will participate on saturday...

    Thanks for the suggestions!!!

  4. madaya yang list mo. kulang-kulang eh. :)

    i'm not sure pa if i'd go to SM MOA. but if i don't, promise i will turn off the lights at home.

    sige, aabanagn ko if after 9 months may baby boom. hehe

  5. Go sa #47 hahahahhaha... gusto ko sanang manood ng tv o di kaya maginternet para malaman kung ano ginagawa ng iba..jijijijijijiji... Usyusero! Hahahahahhahaha

  6. @Mokong: that would be great family bonding.

    47 is not applicable to you at this time, lol or still?

    @Reena: I can't come up a whole list heheh, i thought 'please do your share' applies for it, hahah

    don't include me as respondent, not qualified yet, hahah

    @I am Xprosaic: don't be kj tol heheh, you sure 47 possible?

  7. uhmmm...
    dun na lang ako sa "please do your share", kasama din naman un sa suggestions mo di ba. :)

  8. Hi ^_edSie_^: kung saan ka masaya, heheh actually what i mean with 'please do your share' is...

  9. may disadvantage din pala yung earth hour. dadami lalo yung populasyon.hehe

  10. Hi Badong: yay bilyon din kaya abutin?

  11. Kill-joy pala di ko alam dumaan na pala Earth Hour. Saan kaya ako noong mga oras na un? Alam ko na nambobola sa Twitter. hahaha. Bakit ba e sa gusto ko magpraktis ng English dun eh. Nakakangawit nga lang sa panga. :)

  12. ah so kelangan pala mag-share? hahaha.

    play hide and seek in the dark! i used to play that when i was a kid! :)

  13. done... linked you too. thanks

  14. hehe. sasalo ako dito lolz. go earth day! mamaya na!

  15. @Jan: Ei mamayang gabi pa to. Pano nangawit panga mo? don't tell me na...lol

    @Reena: or magluksong tinik, patentiro,tumbang preso,tsato, tumbang preso, bulaklak yeah!

    @Iloilo Onfoot: thanks too, I quite familiar with the city, I used to go there when I was assigned in Boracay.

    @shirmpyboi: yeah lets save the earth for the next generation of earthlings..

  16. Pare, ito masasabi ko sa reply mo sa comment mo...?????????...lolz!!!

    Rioght now pwede na pare..kaya ko na...me and my wife join this global campaign last night... what we did during that time? Hmmmmmm!!!

    By the way, pare im giving you an award, THE UBER AMAZING BLOG AWARDS!! You belong to my top 10 commenters, that's why im giving you that award... thanks bro!!! and congrats...visit mo na lang blog ko for accepting it!!!


  18. Saya kagabi! Pero sana total darkness! jijijijiji. Sana sumali din ang mg driver ng mga umaandar na sasakyan sa highway, mga streetlights, yung mga communcation sattelites, yung mga eroplanong dumaan at lahat na! Saya siguro ng mundo pagkalipas ng 1 oras...jijijijijijijijiji. Sayang din di ko nagawa ang #47 mo kasi naman wala akong mahanap na makakasama ko para gawin yun kagabi! jijijijijiji... Sarap sanang mag hide and seek! jijijiji