Slumdog Monday

I was out on a rainy monday. I supposed to do the errand the day before, but because it would be too frustrating doing it  on that day, I waited for the next day. The reason was to send money back home in Lucky Plaza, where else. Lucky Plaza on a sunday is like Megamall having their midnight madness sale, and sending money there on that day is well, like you are going to watch a blockbuster movie. Who would want to be falling in line three times in a day on a situation like that? Yes I did send money separately in three different counters that day.

The first stop was at this remittance center for my niece who asked me for her school fees. First time she asked me so I was obliged. I send the money thru this firm because it would be convenient for her to pick up the money in M. Lhullier any branch in pinas and also she will be needing just one ID card to show to claim the money if the money came from this firm as compared to two from other remittance centers including the next one.

Here in the next outlet was where I sent money for my credit cards bill payment. I have two cards. They charge half the price from the first one. So since I have two transactions, it would mean two charges. 

The third one was here. Two transactions here also, one goes to my account for my monthly savings and the other one to my nanay account for her daily stipend. 

Being Monday and mid afternoon I thought there will be me or just a few kabayans would be doing transactions. I was surprised since I still have to fall in line, but it was manageable as I was able to complete the task in over half an hour. 

After that I decided to watch movie at Lido Shaw. Yes finally I was able to watched Slumdog Millionaire after the third try. I got a ticket for the 4:15pm showing. I still have 20 minutes to kill so I treat myself for mocha frappucino. And while at it, I busied myself gawking down the atrium of the mall, the elevator reminds me of the shang mall, the guy with the macbook was having an argument with the lady companion while tinkering  the gadget. My drink is not allowed inside the movie house though it was purchased within the theatre lobby so I have to consumed it before the usher will let me in.

I agree with the comment by an Indian that Slumdog is a white man’s imagined India’ and ‘a poverty tour’. I must admit though that the movie is well made. Watching that movie give me some relief about my pinas. I thought there is no place can beat Smokey Mountain and Parola.

So before heading home, I decided to have dinner first time in one of the restos in Lucky Plaza. First I went to try Jologs Cafe, I heard a lot about their silogs but I want to try other food. Alas, they were closed on Mondays second time happened to me, remember the Mack's Inasal

So I opted for another resto GP and aimed to have sinigang whatever is available though I drool for tuna panga. I seated myself. Five minutes still nobody wants to take my order. Three lady servers were just standing at the corner near the cash register. I assumed they saw me the moment I stepped in. Few minutes more they still pretended they did not notice me. What's wrong with me why nobody came to serve me, despite of a few people came in and they just standing there. Damn suddenly it hit me, I am slumdog to these foodservers. Disgusted I stood up and cursed silently the place and swear never to sit foot come what may. I ended up at Tang's Market and settled for japanese Tori Q.

Sometimes you can not blame me to have a word or two of these kabayans who look down of fellows and assumes you don't deserve to be served. Do I have to win millions? Is it written?


  1. Napakabait na tito sa pamangkin at mabuting anak sa kanyang nanay.

    it's not your lost, it's the resto. malulugi sila kapag ganyang ang customer service nila or may service ba?

    i am looking forward to watch slumdog too after I heard more awards they received.

  2. Wow bait,bait naman talaga..at marunong pa mag save..LOL..

    I think you had a very busy monday..ingat..

  3. hey...

    salamat sa mga remittances. you guys are truly helping this country. :) if i need money ba, can i also just message you? hahaha...jk..

    i watched slumdog too. i can't take it. i didn't finish it. i don't know why. buti nlng prated lang pinanood ko. :)

    well, poor service. sana napagsabihan mo sila, kahit politely man lang. baka they're unaware of what they're doing.

  4. oo nga pala. where's the link reagrding doc ferdz? haha. hindi yun totooo!!!! :)

  5. i looooove lucky plaza. sarap mag-shopping diyan. i bought one of my lenses there, a long time ago.

    thanks for dropping by my blog.

  6. hi there! i already added you to my blogroll, thanks for the link and keep in touch ^^