Cheap daw ang Manila

According to survey Singapore is ranked 10th most expensive city worldwide kasunod ang Hongkong though labas ang Hongkong sa top 10 kasi ranked 11th sila. Tokyo and Osaka topped as the world's most expensive cities for expatriates taking the position of 1st and 2nd respectively. 

I am mentioning here only cities in Asia na pasok as most expensive cities  ranked by EIU.

Singapore is ranked first and Bangkok is second kung pag-uusapan naman ang cities within the southeast asia, being Bangkok on the 72th worldwide and Kuala Lumpur is 90th.

The basis of the survey was by comparing the cost of products and services of the 140 cities. Survey was aimed at helping companies calculate allowances for executives and their families being sent overseas


I am not an expatriate, but let me see really how much it cost me to stay here in Singapore.

My small room in an HDB flat cost me $400 a month all inclusive. The room is not air-conditioned but comes with a stand fan. It has a single bed, a wardrobe, a dresser, and a small working table. I brought in my tv set.

I am taking MRT when reporting to work, occasional taxi, and bus. My transportation expenses in a month is $150 on average.

I cook sometimes on weekend whenever I crave for home cooked food. I know how to cook adobo, sinigang, nilaga, tinola, no pork allowed. As cooked fish is expensive, if I want to eat one I cook  and always by the oven. But most of the time I buy my food outside. Lunch just now is Mc chicken burger meal that cost $6.10 in nearby Mc Donalds. My monthly food expense is $500.

I watch movie, malling, occasional beer night-out and my budget for these is $200. If I bought something in a mall I charged it. Last night while on my way home I pass by the mall since it was raining, had dinner and purchased 2 backpacks (sale kasi) that costs me $125. 

My monthly mobile phone bill is $110 on average. My internet, landline, and cable tv monthly pay is $115.

So that's the reason why I still end up not earning much at the end of the month.

If I stay in Manila I would be spending just a fraction of that.

Which brings to this, according to the same survey Manila is one of the cheapest city to live worldwide being rank 98th, in the same level of Kathmandu, New Delhi, Mumbai where the slumdog millionaire came from. And Karachi ang pinacheap. 

Cheap nga siguro talaga sa Manila o cheap nga ba talaga?


  1. Pare, cheap ang Manila? Yeah i think so...
    NGa pala tol TAG kita...visit mo na lang blogsite ko for instructions...
    Sencya na tol!!!

  2. Depende na cguro yan... on an average, malamang nasa ganun cguro na bracket. After all pinas is madalas considered one of the cheapest sa sahod kaya normal lang... alangan naman ang mamahal ng bilihin pero ang kita eh mumunti eh saan na lang kaya pupulutin?! jijijijij.. La lang napadaan lang ulit!

  3. i agree. mababa lang ang cost of living natin as compared sa iba...food in singapore is very expensive because they don't produce their own kasi they're not an agricultural country, unlike us...

    although, masmababa nga naman ang sweldo...so it all boils down to priorities. hehe...big money and big expenses...or small money with little expenses...

    kaya ako, kahit mababa sweldo, i'd prefer to be here. why? because i don't want to be away from family & home. :)

  4. @Mokong: according to survey daw nga heheh, ok sigi ok lang yon..

    @I am Xprosaic: yeah kaya nga these multi-nationals do business sa atin dahil dyan.

    @ Reena: Hi Reena! majority pa rin naman ng mga kakabayan would rather be with their families. Housing, food, and entertainment is less expensive but quality living is comparable if not better than in developed economies.

  5. Mas cheap yata ang cost of living dito sa Cebu. heheh ^_^

    xchange links?

  6. Parekoy Enhenyero, troubleshoot ko na yung feedburner ko... paki-relink mo na lang yung blogsite ko. Thanks!!!

  7. Actually, nasa sayo yan... If you want to live the luxurious life sa Manila, maraming lugar na talagang expensive. But generally, the cost of living here is really low... kaya I prefer it here over anywhere else in the world.

  8. @Mon: yeah I agree with you, thanks for dropping by.

    @Mokong: Teka why is it that it has to be feed link instead direct to your blog. Relink na kita pero bat ganon? Try clicking your bloglink on my page and see why.

    @gillboard: That's what the survey says. Thanks for dropping by too.