Sunday day out

I thought last Sunday was second sunday of the month so I went to Novena Church in the morning to attend the tagalog mass. I was wrong, I was not able to hear mass  but planned to go back in the afternoon for the 5:30 pm schedule. After leaving church I went to my second itinerary for the day.

At the Supreme Court of Singapore, for  the Living Courthouse. For two days the Supreme Court building opened its doors to the public to see, learn, and explore about Singapore's legal system. Every floor level, nine of them plus two basements, have activities lined up. Upon coming in, visitors will be subjected to security check the same as that in the airport and will be given a leaflet. In it listed all the activities, highlights, do and dont's, and the Justice trail. The justice trail contains 12 questions for you to answer during the course of your tour and upon completion, a souvenir item can be redeem. I was determined to complete the task but after trying one I decided not to. 

I attended the enactment of a criminal proceeding, a humorous but real court hearing set up at the auditorium and not in a usual courtroom to accommodate a bigger crowd. Just imagine how many people turn out to the hearing, and this is just for this particular schedule which is done every 30 minutes.

The Accused, The Big Bad Wolf for causing the fall of Humpty Dumpy.

The Witness, the Blind Mice, was called in to testify against the accused.

After this I decided not to complete the whole trail. I went up to second floor and marveled the interiors of the building. It is a modern new building of steel and concrete.

After that I rushed up to the top floor. From the outside, this floor resembled of a spaceship that landed on top of the building. It is conical in shape as the windows  at a slant.  

From the inside you can have a panoramic view of the vicinity. 

The top floor is housed the Court of Appeals. The tour guide explained the layout of the hall, from the reporters designated place to the audience viewing place. I did not pay much attention to what she was saying as I occupied myself wandering to the interior of the room. I thought it looked smaller with all the division but I overheard her saying that actually it is a lot bigger as compared to the old building.

From the top floor I took the elevator straight to ground floor and decided to leave the building. Just outside I bought a souvenir mug. For buying it I got a free shoe bag, the one you will get if you completed the 12 questions on the justice trail I mentioned above. Hahah so I made a wise decision then not to complete the 12.

I had a quick lunch at the nearby Peninsula Plaza. This place is where Burmese  can claim their own. Everything here is Myanmar, like Lucky Plaza for Filipinos. Basement level is where you can find some nice and cosy restaurants that offers Mynmar cuisines. I opted for over the counter food so that I can see the food. I choose three from the display, fish, chicken, and a soup. The food look the same to any asian food and surprisingly delicious but with a very distinctive taste. Serving is small so it is a bit expensive. I like the taste and I must say it is much better than the thai food and considering that it is an over the counter food. Difinitely I will come for more and try one of the restaurants there.

After that I was on to my next destination, where else but to Suntec for the last day of IT Show. I almost back out upon reaching the place, it's people everywhere. Elevators had to be regulated to prevent breakdown. But still I braved myself though I have no plan of buying any gadget this time and wait for the PC Show on June instead. But i'm not closing for a good buy.

Judging from what I observed of people coming out of the hall, it was pretty obvious that printer was selling like a hot cake, and followed by notebooks. Who says Singapore is in recession? Sale during the three days was higher compared to last year according to the local news. I ended up buying my mac a shell and keyboard guard, though I don't like the color brown  but I have no choice as it was cheap and the only one left. I was hoping to buy for a steal a 500gb external password enable HD, but the price in the show was pretty much same compared to regular store.

I left Suntec and proceeded to Esplanade promenade for a steamboat dinner, my fourth time here.

After dinner, and while on my way to the nearest mrt station, I suddenly remember I was supposed to go back to church to hear mass. I hope HE is not mad at me. Does attending next Sunday two masses compensate? 

By the way Big Bad Wolf was acquitted, in case you are wondering.


  1. Naku sayang! Naacquit si Big Bad Wolf! malamang hindi maayos ang pagkakakwento ni Blind Mice--err--Blind Rat ang nakita niyang kaganapan... Hayz! jijijijijijiji

  2. Naku pare hindi ka nakapagsimba...tsk tsk tsk... pero great weekend naman di ba? Ito lang masasabi ko...great photograhy...
    at nagutom ako sa ilang pagkain na nai-post mo...

  3. @I_am Xprosaic: Ganon talaga pag fairy tale heheh, Nadulas daw si HUmpty kaya nahulog at di sya tinulak ni Bad heheh. Tama ka Blind Mice, dami error ng post ko, pero inedit ko na.

    @Mokong: Oo nga pero nakadalaw naman kahit papano. Hahah nahihiya ako magkukuha ng pictures pero medyo ok naman mga kinalabasan.

  4. hmmm...limited lang dun sa saranggani sabi kasi nila yung pinagstayhan namin dun yun na ang pinakamagandang resort dun. Floating cottages, may resto at pool doon. Ang perimeter kasi nun sabi nila ay saranggani bay ata basta ganun. Sa samal naman beaches ganun... hehehehhehehe...

  5. You had quite an interesting and exciting Sunday ha..thank you for sharing your experience..hopefully the next will be as exciting if not more than what you had..tc

  6. wow. i would love to witness that mock trial. it sounds fun. :)

    feeling ko may character assasination na naganap kay blind rat. hehehe..

  7. I didn't know a visit to the Supreme Court can be fun. But the pics of food? Winner. hahaha. Sama tayo diyan. :)