At the current moment

This came about because of Mokong and I am Xprosaic

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.”

Let's do this! 

1. Where is your cellphone --- charging

2. Your hair --- black with a few white due to stress heheh not the one you thinking!

3. Your father --- in heaven

4. Your favorite thing --- my mac

5. Your dream last night --- none, I have been counting sheep lately

6. Your favorite drink --- brewed coffee 

7. Your dream goal --- own a building

8. The room you are in --- bedroom

9. Your fear --- for the world economy to continue at its present state

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years --- still on earth

11. Muffins --- banana flavor

12. One of your wish list items --- learn mandarin, reason here

13. Where you grew up --- in camsur - the next best thing!

14. The last thing you did --- hot shower

15. What are you wearing --- sleep wear

16. Your TV --- 19" Aquos LCD white

17. Your pet --- mini me, don't ask the obvious 

18. Your computer --- MacBook white

19. Your life --- monotonous

20. Your mood --- erratic

21. Missing someone --- yes

22. Your car --- don't have

23. Favorite store --- cold storage, nearby supermarket

24. Your summer --- beach

25. Your favorite color --- white

26. When was the last time you laughed --- when a colleague imitate someone the other day

27. When was the last time you cried --- haven't been since tatay's...

28. Last person who emailed you --- Yiting of Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) asking for additional documents.

29. Your favorite food --- sinigang, all kind 

30. A place you would rather be right now --- chillin at Boom Boom Bar in Boracay...miss the place

I would like to pass this tag to whom I believe it would be great to know them more by tagging heheh

1) Reena- please dont think this is payback time heheh...

2) Klivingood - time to share some facts to your readers...

3) kittykat - here's another tag for you heheh

4) eben - thanks for the traffic tol, in return tag kita heheh

5) wiLfRed - hope we can dive together tol, for the meantime tag muna kita heheh


  1. hahaha..gantihan time na pala...
    pero thanks. ayan, tapos ko na sya actually.

  2. Tapos ko na din! Thanks for tagging me!

  3. Pare, thanks sa paggawa mo ng tag na ito. Great job. Inggit ako tol sa computer at tv mo. Wish ko sana magkaron in ako nun. A macbook and LCD tv. Just wondering the no.17 entry. hahaha

  4. @Reena: hahah kaya nga pinaunahan na kita...still

    @Eben: you're welcome tol, kahit busy sa work... buti ka pa busy heheh

    @Mokong: Tol salamat din, kaso may isa sumama loob heheh...

  5. Salamat at pinatulan mo pagkaadik namin ni mokong! nagkataon din kasi na naghahanap ng stress reliever hahahahahha... kakapagod kasi sked ko hanggang next week pa akong bangag dahil sa sked ko! jijijijiji...Ingats!

  6. @I am Xprosaic: Hahah di halata ah share nga! Hinay hinay lang, bat nga ba busy ka?

  7. really laughed hard at "hope we csn dive together".. hmmmnnn.. sure, sure basta kaw taya.. :D dun tayo Apo Reef, sa Mindoro.. bwahehehe.. anyhoo, i don't mind being tagged.. but dunno if i'll be able to tagged other peeps.. wish me luck! hehehe..

    P.S. will be pulling it off later, i'm in the process of writing my report..

    best regards henz!

  8. @Wilfred John: What with the hard laugh? You said you a diver too.

  9. hahaha ngayon ko lang nabasa 'to..TY. I will do it tomorrow kasi 10 pm na eh! About Tweetergetter...yes, lots of people keep on coming to my mail box...my Mom's Place (Home and Family) is now on the 2nd page of Google search. Join now. Just click my URL there and register that's it.