Home on a Monday

I decided to stay home the whole day and planned to catch up sleep and lazing around. With that in mind I slept late last night, so I would be waking up say past nine in the morning. Alas I woke up at six in the morning but I stayed in bed for a couple more hours. 

I had my breakfast of hotdog and egg and coffee, while catching up the live telecast of The Amazing Race. After that I can't think of things I should be doing. Boredom strikes, and when I am bored I move things around me.

This used to be the position of my bed for months now. 

Now it is the table who occupy the space. I pushed my bed to the corner to give an impression of a bigger space.

The funny part is that I am going to leave this room and move to a bigger one with a  queen size bed next week.

There is no eat bulaga on the internet today. I tried to take an afternoon nap but I just cant sleep. So I decided to finish reading this book. While doing it I was listening to shamrock , itchyworms, stonefree, and up dharma down songs on iPod.

The novel derives from the author's blog of the same title. An arrogant hiring partner at a major  law firm who is obsessed of becoming chairman,  blog to tell the world about what life is really like at the top of his profession. He takes solace in degrading his summer interns and hapless associates. The  book is funny and surprisingly interesting to read than the blog itself.


  1. Day off?! jijijiji... Sarap nga ng mas malaking bed! jijijiji

  2. pare...akin yung solo size lang para sa amin ni msiis...masarap matulog kung magkayakap sa buong magdamag...

    pare atg nga pala kita "Handwriting tag" check mo na lang blogsite ko for instructions / rules!
    Have a good day!!!

  3. I like your bigger room with the bigger bed...It's very, uhmm...spacious...hehehe...

  4. haha. i rearrange furnitures in the house always. pati aso namin naguguluhan eh. :)

    so, why are you transferring?

  5. @ I am Xprosaic: oo nga can't wait to move in na..pero mas masarap pag may kasalo hahah

    @Mokong: sabagay pero pag ganon dapat wala tampuhan or else sa sahig pupulutin heheh

    @Clark Can't: yeah big room big bed big hmmm, lol

    @Reena: hahah yeah lahat ng kasambahay apektado lalo na pag oras na kailangan na di mahagilap kasi nalipat na.

    aalis na yung occupant ng room pinaalis heheh, di nagustuhan amoy lol

  6. Monday is the new Sunday? :) Whatever - feels great to stay in bed for a few more hours whenever we can get it. Rest is getting to be a luxury indeed.

    Love Sundays because of rest and reading and blogging. And sometimes just lying there - no need to justify yourself to anybody. :)

  7. Hi Jan, my work sched is tues to sat, so my saturday is monday.