Let's talk about work. My work, for a change.

Ever wonder how tall buildings stands firmly on ground despite of its weight? The foundation is the key. Tall buildings requires deep foundation usually piles if the bearing capacity of soil is inadequate and also to resist  settlement.

Over a week ago we bored and casted below ground a micropile with a depth of 55 meters from the existing ground level, more or less equivalent to an 18-storey height building.

Seven days after we conducted the ultimate load test. This trial pile will be the same type of piles that will support the lift structure that we will build. The purpose of the test is to verify the design assumptions.

The result of test is technically a failure.  What does this mean?

All the proper procedure in doing it has been followed and strictly monitored.

The 7-day test of the cement grout poured has result of 130% more than the required strength at a given age old.

The pile is designed to carry a load of 75 tonnes. and was subjected to an ultimate load in three cycles, 100%, 200%, and 300% of the designed load and a settlement reading is recorded. The readings exceed the maximum allowable limit. This is why. 

Given that result, the design engineer has to redesign the pile, as it can only adopt a load of 35tonnes  or just half of his previous assumption. 

I hope I did not bore you.


  1. Napaka- teknikal naman. Hehe. Pero minsan pinangarap ko na ring mag-engineer pero mas naplpit ako sa sikolohiya.

  2. Hahahahahhahaha ayos! I was not bored since I clearly understood what all of these means... I'm used to this since I was 15...jejejejejejeje... Do you still conduct soil investigation or it's no longer needed? Here in Davao we conduct soil investigation especially if someone wishes to build a storey-high because the soil composition in Davao is relatively weak compared to other locations in the Philippines. That's also one of the reasons why buildings here are designed to expand horizontally than vertically...jejejejejeje...

  3. Pare hindi ako na-bore sa topic mo..may natutunan pa ako...dahil nakakarelate ako at mas nadagdagan pa kaalaman ko.
    Salamat engineer!

  4. @Badong : I agree, hirap ekwento ang trabaho kasi ganon ang nakagawian mo since school. I guess you have no regret regret.

    @ I am Xprosaic: Haha good to know, yes it always comes first as you needs input for you to come up with the design.

    @Mokong: Thanks tol, wala lang ako maekwento heheh.

  5. no you definitely did not! i love construction sites! hahahha...

    it's very very addictive.