the Fort

I assumed heheh that there are some of you were wondering what I have done on Easter aside from attending the easter service. I did not go swimming like everyone I knew. No one bother to invite me, but then I may not join should they had to since I was not keen of going. While I was riding an mrt that day, I noticed kabayans in groups, others with their kids,  in indication that they were heading to beach.

As the weather that day was not hot but cloudy with patchy drizzle, I decided to commune with nature. I have been eying to get lost in this place for quite some time but somehow it always slipped on my mind.

Fort Canning is not as grandeur as our Fort Santiago in terms of remains. The main entrance gate, arches and the perimeter walls are still intact and the only ones left from the past.

The main gate was aesthetically simple.

This is the location map of the entire fort, now turns into a park.

This is a prayer cabana, a sacred place in the area.

What is a port without a cannon to guard off the place. This is the only spot I had seen having one.

The gothic archway to the graveyard area.

Tombstones some dates back 1521 on the wall still intact. 

This is used to be a military barracks, now functions as a cultural venue. Back of this building, the one shown in the picture, is usually utilize for open ground concerts.

One of the art installation by artist from Asean at one section of the park.

The wall

The fort is an actual archaeological site too, and this particular area became part of attraction.

This outdoor escalator I think is equip with a sensor. It automatically stop when no one is using and will activate once someone approaches. First time I have seen one in a park.

Ahh what is a park if without lovers. I have spotted few in some isolated corners unmindful of others. Nope I did not bother to picture them, as I don't want you salivating, lol. I hope when its time for me with someone, they would do the same for us.


  1. Nice site! Sayang we would have planned to travel Singapore kaso things changed... Despite the availability of our budget yung time ang nawalan kami... hayz... Better luck next time! jijijiji...Ingats! Nagsesenti ka pa rin ba?! parang kase eh...sa mga lugar na pinupuntahan mo para ka nang loner jan eh... jijijij... smile!

  2. In the near future pare makakarating din ako ng Singapore..isa sa top destinations ko balang araw. Sana magkita tayo..kung kelan man yon..hahaha...
    Nice place btw!

  3. @I am Xprosaic: Parang ganon na nga senti pa din, pero pauwi ako dyan this weekend for a very short vacation.

    @Mokong: Sure, you can stay my place to save hotel pay heheh

  4. Nice! at least you could spend quality time together with your family... short as it will be, but would definitely be worthwhile...

  5. i like the escalator. :)

    why do i get this impression that you enjoy being alone? am i right? :)

  6. Yes Reena you are right! siguro para less gastos? lol

  7. wow...nice park, good shots...