Bear with me

I am still not in my usual mood. Something is really bothering me. Up to now I don't have idea what it is. My mind is still in hiatus. I am too lazy to move around town. I practically stay home these days. 

I need a diversion, but how I don't have clear idea what should I do. If I were in pinas, maybe it would be different altogether. In two days I shall be then back in the province for the observance of the passion and death of Christ. Easter will be spend in the beach for whole day family picnic. My family won't be complete this year aside from me, our eldest and his family had relocated months ago in a province far away and I doubt if they have intention of coming home for the holy week.

I have only Friday to observe and reflect lent. No fanfare, no crucification to witness, no station of the cross, no visita iglesia. No beach. I will devout the whole day for reflection. Saturday I have work. 

I just hope comes easter, things will be different.


  1. Wala ka pala time maenjoy at magreflect ngayong holy week pare... walang filipino tradition dyan. Baka kami this Holy Thursday mag-bisita Iglesia kami...
    Have a bleesed Holy Week sa iyo Enhenyero!!!

  2. Baka naman nahohome sick ka lang jan tol?! Sige mas mabuti siguro magreflect ka at baka makuha mo ang sagot sa mga katanungang bumabagabag sa isipa mo... Ingats!

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    hello brother ruben " ang Enhenyero " musta na? still remember me? please dont think of me too much nakakaloko yun....joke...kidding aside na miss na kita bro...very much happy you're ok...may you have a blessed and a peaceful holy week...cge...

  4. My previous comment on this post didn't make it. Wonder why.

    Hey, it will be all right. It's good you've set aside some time for reflection. It will do you a lot of good.

    Take a breather. May be your body is telling you something. ",)

  5. @Mokong: Tol ganon na nga, no tradition to observe here except the afternoon church service. Spent the rest of the day yesterday watching the passion of the Christ and I must say it stung my spirit.

    @I am Xprosaic: Maybe yes comes May 1 year na ako dito, but I guess its more on inner self parang there's feeling of emptiness, you can't just shake it off.

    @Anonymous: And who are you? My traffic feeder says you are somewhere in Saudi. How could I remember you there are millions of you who bears name Anonymous lol.

    @Jan: Yeah I guess you're right also, few days before this month ends, I'll be a year older again, sigh. But really it's more on the feeling of hollowness, parang another midlife crises.