We are now all anticipating for the most important day, the resurrection of our Lord.

While doing so, at the moment I felt I am invigorated after yesterday's reflection. For one, I am feeling normal once again, normal I mean my usual self. 

Earlier today at work though I felt pressured since a member of parliament is scheduled to conduct an ocular inspection in the area of my work, I remained composed. Who would not be pressured, the management has been calling to make the site tidy for the big day tomorrow but the contractor is not doing good enough to have the site in order. It really tested my patience today, which is in complete contrast. Up to the last minute they are still doing housekeeping work. I just hope I would not receive a reprimand  comes tuesday. I was a bit surprised with the attitude I have today.

While I have moved to a bigger room few days ago, it was only now that I am satisfied with the arrangement after few tries. Until I become bored again, this will be my room set up.

I made some changes with the blog as you may notice. Less clutter now. I am planning for some facelift but it will not come soon.

Whatever changes you have as brought by the past days, I hope that is for your better good and last until next.

Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Hey, welcome brag... to you usual self again... heheheheh..keep smiling tol!

  2. Happy Easter!

    Lets adventure!

  3. Engineer,
    Happy Easter Bro!
    Engineer Din!

  4. mabuti naman at 'nakabalik' ka na. hehe. tama yung sinabi mo, sana lahat ng mga pagbabagong naganap sa sarili o sa paligid man natin ay para sa ikabubuti ng lahat.

    Happy Easter Monday!