First of more to come

Today is my first, and yes I do expect more to come, baptism of fire here on my new job assignment. I was called to office this morning. I normally goes direct to jobsite when reporting to work daily and only comes to office twice in a week. Last night I received a call from my immediate boss instructing me to report to office first before proceeding to site this morning. Yes I was summoned and yes I was interrogated. The culprit was a lady who has a reputation of a consistent complainer in the neighborhood.

For the background, the 13 blocks of a housing flats here will be subjected to lift upgrading works, which will commence sometime this April. Prior to that, there are services like telecom lines, power lines, cable lines need to be relocated and rerouted, so there will be a lot of concrete breaking and excavation which will definitely create so much noise in the vicinity.  To cut the story short, this lady complains about the noise by writing with a twist to the town council which the town council forwarded it to the government housing body and end up to our office being the project consultant in charge of the construction. That is why I was subjected to a panel interrogation this morning.

Wala lang masama lang loob ko because it happened during my off day. The lady was a bit overboard, she should have not draft that letter in the first place.


  1. hmm. is it normal for homeowners to directly complain to the government? in fairness, at least their govt is listening to their people. yun nga lang ikaw ang napagbuntungan ng galit.

    don't take it in too much. :)

  2. Yes Reena, when they do make complain dapat pagtuunan ng pansin. Masyadong sensitive ang gov dito pagdating sa mga ganyan. Kasama talaga sa trabaho yung to ensure na dapat wala ma e complain yung affected residents.

  3. i have to agree with reena... sabagay ganyan tlga ang siguro ang system kahit saang lupalop ng mundo. hehehe. how can one get used to it.

  4. oh sorry to hear that...pero sige lang labas mo lahat ng sama ng loog mo dito sa blogging, we are all ready to listen...have a nice weekend, smile naman jan o...

  5. Dumaan lang ulit! jejejejeje baka kasi sabihin mo naadd lang kita d n aq babalik sa site mo... jejejejejeje... Ganun talaga nagkataon lang ikaw minalas! jejejejeje...Ngiti naman jan... o wag maxado... Ngiti lang...

  6. hi engr.

    lol sa comment mo in my blog. bakit? may ipapadesign ka ba sa akin? :) mura lang fee ko!


  7. kung hindi grumpy old auntie sa MRT, grumpy neighbor naman. ganyan nga yata talaga dito sa islang 'to.

    would you believe pati nga tunog ng MRT nirereklamo din ng mga tao. nabasa ko sa Today talagang sinukat pa nung nagrereklamo kung ilang decibels.

    Yaan mo na yun, relax ka lang.

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  10. @ Olan : well, going used to it means I have to be subjected often to that then I guess I will be.. so yes lol

    @klivengood : i don't think there will be more, thanks.

    @I am Xprosaic : yeah man keep coming back, nope malas not me, jejeje din, lol.

    @Reena : Hi Reena, not at the moment though, be warned that im a fan of big discount, lol

    @Eben : the lady complainer is exceptional! got no chance to meet her yet.

    Just an update guys re post : actually I was not blamed and never been accused of negligence, I just been lectured and warned of these type of situations. I read the office reply and nothing in there has mentioned that we were responsible.