I was tagged!

 Reena tagged me. Since her Reena's Thoughts blog is my top referrer, thanks Reena, I succumb to do this. Here's 25 things that will reveal some of me.

1. Eversince this tagging had surfaced, it become part of my prayer me not being tagged, thanks again Reena (no pun intended),  now I can stop praying that, lol.

2. I am an erratic excessive compulsive person, figure that out.

3. I like my gadget colored white.

4. I collect mugs bearing the name of countries and places I had visited.

5. I buy every issue of FHM Philippines even when I am out of the country working. I stop now, this is my last.

6. I like my bed with comforter no matter how hot the weather is.

7. I enjoyed buying cheap items in Ikea.

8. I prefer watching movies during opening hours.

9. I am kapuso and a tv addict.

10. I am tampororot guy, can't get rid of it.

11. I used to afraid deep, diving changed it.

12. I am now homebody, thanks to macbook.

13. If I like a certain food, i keep eating it for days.

14. I ridicule people, sometimes heheh.

15. I get high buying sale hard-bound fiction books, the cheaper the price the higher I got high lol. Bought these at 7.92 sing dollar each the other day at Popular Bookstore.


16. I made a list of tasks I plan to do, to achieve this year, and not a single task has ever been done, still early I guess which brings me to next item.

17. I love to cram.

18. If you let me wait, expect something from me that you will not going to like. So be warned.

19. I have this habit of rearranging the furniture in the house very so often because...

20. I get easily bore.

21. I can't sleep without taking a hot shower and lukewarm milk no matter how tired I am. 

22. If I sleep very late I wake up very early.

23. I got easily annoyed to preposterous opinions.

24. I can't sleep without a pillow under my feet.

25. Been to wasting time in the dark corners in the park.

This tag ends with me, am I allowed to as I have no one to tag?


  1. woohoo!!! bilis ah. :) sorry, i tagged you. hehe...uy, i don't know why you're name is removed from my followers. actually dalawa kayo nawala eh. kala ko iniwan ntyo nako. huhuhu. hehe..

    #7 i like ikea too! kung pwede lang bilhin yung entire store, i would. my titas in the states nga left me in that store for several hours eh. haha.

    #13. yeah, i do the same with foods i like.

    #25. what?! hindi ba creepy yun? buti hindi ka nahuhuli or something. :)

    tnx for doing this. hehe.

  2. Hi! I bought my own domain and changed it from http://e-pera.blogspot.com to http://www.e-pera.info
    Kindly update your blogroll.
    Thanks and GODBLESS!


  3. @#22 - aww, that's too bad. lol. i actually posted my own 25 random things too. :) --> http://iwanteverypart.blogspot.com/2009/02/25-random-things-about-me.html

  4. Thanks! You can delete Earn Pera Online since you have updated me already. Its the same. :)


  5. #5. Am still a loyal subscriber of this mag.... It's just dreadful because the service that the magazine company really sucks and sometimes they deliver it on the last week of the month after every store has a copy... Worst of all, sometimes I will be the one bangin' on their office to have my own copy... darn!