Help Me

When you look at an object on a first glance, do you see it as is?Oftentimes yes, right?

I have this new friend I meet in a social networking site. She has photos posted on her page, so I have an idea on how she look. Her facepics, candid shots, travel photos, even photos of her pet, made me come up with an image of how she would be as a person and her character. When we decided to meet in flesh for the first time, she was exactly as how she registered on mind. As the meeting progresses, I noticed that my impression of her changes. At the end of the meeting, she turns out completely different from my first impression and from the person I have painted on my mind prior to the meeting. Does she turns better from my first impression? Hmmn I won't tell.

What can you tell about the picture above?

How about this picture? What image come out from your mind?

My friend asked me to e-mail him my interpretation of the images above. I have no idea except an image of a lady on the first pic. That is my first impression. But then again...

Help me.


  1. 1st pic - i see two images
    a.) a young lady facing towards her right, i can see her nose, ears, she's wearing a necklace too. a veil is wrap around her head.

    b. side view image of an old lady. big nose, black lips, long chin. she's also wearing a veil.

    2nd pic - a man riding a horse...with a cape!

  2. Exactly Eben, I see a fairy tale characters. The Beauty, the Witch, and the Prince.

  3. hmm. i saw the 2 ladies also. but on the 2nd image, i a person running. haha. i dnt know why.

    so, i'm curious with your EB. how did it turn out? i'm not an EB person kasi...

    it's my first time here. sorry, i left a comment ha.

  4. Thanks Reena, don't be sorry pleasure is mine..(just read your harana hehe).Is kiss and tell good? remain curious then, lol

    Second pic now telling me of a sinulog participant.