A different monday

I woke up late today and stay bed two hours more before getting up and have coffee just before noon. I don't know why it was so difficult for me to get up this morning. I don't even have a cozy bed as my room is quite small. While on bed I was watching tv while checking mails, twitter, and updates facebook  via iPhone. Late on waking up I was not able to catch the initial telecast of the Amazing Race new season in its entirety, got to catch the replay tonight for the full show.

I did not even stay out late last night. Right after mass and dinner, tough I planned to catch Slamdog after dinner  which I opted after not to, I  go back straight home. Coffee somehow perked me up a little bit so heeding to shower was the next best thing as morning's weather was humid and hot.

Given my state of  listlessness, cooking for lunch was the last thing for me to do. Downstair hawkers place was the only option, and surprised to found out that in my frequent visits in this place it was only now that I noticed there was a stall there that offers thai food. With no hesitation, I ordered the food by pointing on the photo in the menu as the inscription was in chinese and no way I will know the food name.

Though its thai food, taste doesn't quite good. Thanks for eat bulaga, I was able to finished the food before the show ended. 

Then suddenly rain fall, and surprisingly heavy with thunderstorm accompaniment, a welcome respite. 

Just the rain stopped two birds probably on their dates and  was disturbed by the rain made a quick stop on my window and before they flew away they had a chit chat  that somehow perked me. Now I want to go out comes the sky outside clears out. Time to catch Slumdog Millionaire and find out why  the west was crazy about the movie.


  1. wow, ang ayos ng room. may pag-ka OC ka no? hehe...

  2. Haha, it does not reflect the true state. Been trying to get rid of the pink pillow cases and yellows of the houseowners'

  3. Hmm..mukhang yummy yong lunch mo. and nice room huh.
    I bet, it's hard to get up with a cool, silent, room.

  4. Enhenyero, Civil Engineer here! Musta? thanks sa pagbisita at pagcomment sa blogsite ko. Na-add na kita sa blogroll ko. Thanks ulit bro.
    Nice engineer's blogsite pare!

  5. Hi. I came from Reena's blog. Oo nga, I'm curious about Slumdog Millionaire too. I heard they have 10 Academy Awards nominations. I keep seeing their ads sa mga internet sites I visit. I'll check it out din. :D

  6. neat room. and nice macbook hehe, pareho kita

  7. Hayun o at nagkaintindihan na ang mga macbook people. Ahahaha.

    So that's it, di man lang close up shot. Ahahaha. Demanding!

    Why are you defensive about the pink pillow cases and the yellows. It's your room after all. It's not as if makikitulog kami dyan to be bothered by it. lols

  8. kasi naman di tungkol sa mac yung post kaya.

    baka may mag react sa pink ponda, eh di naman sa akin yan heheh