Paying Post, what about?

I had a very interesting conversation earlier this morning. A long lost friend happens to read my blog and I was a bit scared and instantly my mind mentally reviewing my previous entries if I have post that mentioned her, lucky I can't recall I have one. My friend told me I have an interesting entries and asked me what motivates me to blog, I told her honestly that just like others who enjoys blogging because they get something in return, so am I. Her follow up question was how? I said I monetized my blog. That's my main motivation. To be honest I am not a good story teller but I guess not bad either. Then she asked if I heard about get paid to post? I told her I don't have idea how it works and will I be up to it. She led me to the site and I became excited reading the concept. I find it easy and seems great to join right after visiting the site and so immediately I signed in. 

Here's some interesting facts that might entice you. While you can brag products you believe in wether it is your gadget, your favorite food in your favorite restaurant to name some, you get paid in return. Isn't it exciting? There are a lot of opportunities here I must say because advertisers are abound.

Another way is by advertising your product at Paying Post. If you have product to sell, or event you want to advertise, here is what you do. Just like my friend who not just bragging her gadgets  and get paid in return, she also advertise her events and shows thru Paying Post.

Now, I have one opportunity waiting for me to brag.

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