The Chingay Parade

Last saturday I have no plan of catching the Chingay parade since I learned from the adverts in papers that you have to have ticket to watch it. I will not spend money just to watch a parade where back home it is a free affair and well a boring thing i thought. But eventually ended up watching it. My plan was to just have dinner in Esplanade promenade as I was craving for steamboat. I took the mrt and alighted at Cityhall station. It was so crowded in the station. I traversed the citylink passageway and come out at marina mall and crosses road to Esplanade.

I stop for a while and noticed a grandstand just opposite the promenade.

Then it came to me that you can catch the parade free and the one you going to pay is the seat you will be occupying in a grandstand where participants will be performing in the course of the parade. I learned also that there are 3 such places. The one I saw was in the Marina area.

When I turned back from where I was standing I saw Ara Mina on poster. From what I read, she's coming this month for a show in this place.

Then I walk around Esplanade, I saw a young couple having date, yes a date because I saw the guy gave her a rose when he arrived, he made her wait him?. Three times I watched them kissing. I was too ashamed to take picture of them as they were looking at me directly while doing it. I stood just opposite of them pretending not to notice them, as I might be rude spoiling their dating.

After having dinner, I decided to catch the parade at the other end where I previously standing. As I just squeezed myself in, the guy fronting me keep looking back on me as if I going to rob him, I was so annoyed since he was acting as if he is not in a crowded place. But one thing I can't stand longer was his stinky smell. I stood for awhile and took pictures some more and when I can't stand it anymore I decided to leave and headed back to mrt station


  1. Great post! I enjoyed the pictures. (I have added you to Mr Linky on my blog!)

  2. Thanks Louie, I have added you to my bloglist

  3. Hi there, just wanna say I envy your courage for taking pictures of the sweet couple... It was so hilarious! I can't imagine how you did it! hahahahhahaha... It's great!

  4. That's the reason why they're looking at me whenever they kiss,guarding me. Lol.

  5. Anong ibig sabihin ng "Chingay"? madalas itong ipatalstas sa Channel News Asia.

  6. Chingay is literally means float of a chinese word equivalent, more explanation here.