In search of pinoy food

Sunday I craved for pinoy food, pinoy inasal food. 

I heard it before that there is Jollibee and Mang Inasal at Lau Pa Sat. I did not pay attention then since I don't really believe there is one, and besides I was partial to local food then and even now. Singapore is really a food haven for it's variety of choices anywhere you go.

So last Sunday I went to Lau Pa Sat in search for the filipino food. Lau Pa Sat is a historic building here, which used to be a marketplace way back and turn into a food center now. It is a cast-iron structure, think of San Sebastian Church and the used to be train station in Tutuban.

Yes there is chicken inasal here, and it was closed. Yes it is called Mack's Chicken Inasal Atbp and not Mang Inasal. This the reason why I came here. Because back home Mang Inasal chicken is my favorite. I was disappointed as I did not know they were closed on Sundays but will come back here to check the food.


On another wing of the food center is Jolly V. Hahah I was doped, really all along I was thinking of the real thing back home. Oh yes, they offer the same food. Chicken joy, burger steak which the one I ordered. Well it is close to the real thing tastewise so I think. 

Notice the crowd? Yes they are kabayans and they came here  for the pinoy food. 

As I am not happy of what I am having, I end up ordering chili crab on the opposite malay food stall, and boy the best chili crab I had tried so far.

Coffee somewhere, and then time to go home. 

Catching mrt at this station, Raffles Place reminds me back of how far away I am from home.


  1. na try ko na yang Mack's at Jolly V.

    comment ako about sa food:
    - mas masarap pa rin ang Inasal sa Pinas.
    - masarap ang spaghetti ng Jolly V, pero ang chicken maliit.

    not sure kung sa LP (Lucky Plaza) ay may inasal din.

  2. Hi Eben, yap nothing beats original! Never tried eating in LP.

  3. Natawa nmn ako sa Jolly V, pero mukha syang masarap ah.

    I don't know if its in Orchard, but I had this favorite place dati (food court style) where they have great spicy sting rays. la lang.

  4. Ethel_Babe11:33 AM

    I come here regularly as I work at Fitness First Raffles Quay. Masarap naman yung inasal nila, but quite adjusted na rin to the Singaporean taste, I can say that it's a cross between inasal and inato. The suka (sinamak and sweet style) is very authentic and nice. Pinoy na Pinoy.

    But should be ok for me, kahit yung ibang pagkain nila.

    I am from Bacolod and would give them a thumbs-up!

    Just don't come there kapag dinner, kasi malamang sa hindi, ubos na yung chicken dahil they do not want to have left-overs dahil mahina na ang dinner crowd sa Lau Pa Sat. Gusto nila is freshly-grilled ang chicken lagi.

    Nice ang blog mo ha? Keep it up! :)