No facebook?

I am a big fan of Christine's
happyslip. I just love her videos and this one's really made my day.

Hahah facebook fever really...

Oh you have one? friends?


  1. I can see why you love this girl, she is hilarious.......

  2. happy slip rocks! i'm one of her fans too especially the soap opera series.

    I also add you on my facebook :P

  3. @Pedestrian Observer BG : yeah and I am not the only one though.

    @Halo-halo Master : yeah yeah, so who's character you love in the series? thanks sa add..

  4. ah...so that's what happy slip is about. :) and she's pretty too..:)

    i can't relate much. i dont have facebook nor multiply. i dont accept anymore invitations to different social accounts. ang dami na kasi eh. i only have friendster which i rarely open, unless i see a close and real friend sending me a message. :)

  5. linked you already. i hope you can join my $200 blog contest. salamat!